About Us...

Who are we? This blog is the story of two regular folks trying to raise two pretty terrific kids and keep a bit of sanity. It's photos, a video or two, and our commentary about how we manage life.

Jay: Our spunky, spirited firstborn. Lover of tools, trucks, and all things construction. Diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta on his second day of life, he came through surgery #1 at 4 days of age with flying colors. In June 2010, he was diagnosed with severe mitral valve stenosis and underwent open heart surgery in August 2010.  Recovery from surgery was not easy, and he was placed on ECMO for 7 days.  Get the details on Jay's Journey summary page.  After a horribly scary and agonizingly long road to recovery, he's back to his spunky, spirited self.

Luke: Our laid-back, easy-going second child. Has a smile that lights up the room and an amazing ability to drool.  He's the best looking member of our family, but toothless grins are pretty hard for the rest of us to compete with.

Dr. Derek: Cow veterinarian supreme; teacher, professor, and mentor extraordinaire. He's calm, cool, and collected even in the midst of the greatest chaos that a toddler and baby can create. Makes a darn good pecan pie.

Me: Trying to do it all, and occasionally doing most of it (albeit a day late and a dollar short). Mom, wife, scholarship program coordinator, grad student, aspiring writer, blog reading junkie, and big Wolfpack fan. Have you hugged your financial aid administrator today?