What's with the lyrics?

Since early on in my blogging days, I've started every post with lyrics from a song that in some way touches on my life at that moment.  Although I generally don't "get" poetry, I have always loved song lyrics and they way they can sum up an emotion in few words.  (Perhaps you've noticed that I am NOT a writer who sums up anything in few words.)  Even when I was a little girl, I loved reading the lyrics on the back of my big old records - yes, I grew up in the days of big records - or in liner notes from CD's - yes, I did eventually migrate to CD's.

I don't claim to have any rights to any songs - I quote them to show that they have inspired me or made me laugh. I pull from many genres because I listen to many kinds of music, new and old.  Listening to my iPod makes me seem somewhat schizophrenic. Perhaps the lyrics will introduce you to new music or get an old fave stuck in your head.

But mainly I still intro each post with lyrics because I did 3 lyrics posts in a row years ago ... and I don't know how to stop now!