About the name...

Torquil and CheezeDoodle?

We have this thing about naming our children: we can't do it in a timely manner. But I have a strong urge to call unborn babies SOMETHING ... so they seem more baby and less bump. Torquil came first and CheezeDoodle followed two short years later.

My great-great-great-(not sure how many greats)-grandfather was named Torquil Shaw.  He and his lovely wife Annie immigrated from the Isle of Jura in Scotland to the eastern part of NC.  When my family went to Scotland a few years ago, we were endlessly amused by the name Torquil, and I promised I'd name my firstborn after my ancestor.   While my darling husband was amused, he wasn't quite amused enough to name our kid Torquil.  (The playground is hard enough!)

Spent a brief time as "Colby Jack," but CheezeDoodle seemed to stick.  This name was inspired solely by my incessant cravings for cheese during the Doodle's pregnancy.  "Cravings" really doesn't accurately describe it.  If there was cheese in the house, in ANY form, I devoured it.  I suffered horrific heartburn because of it, but I couldn't stop myself.  We'll see whether CheezeDoodle ends up sharing my affinity for swiss.