Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So you've heard the news...

...I'm pregnant!

Not sure I ever thought the day would really come, but ready or not, Torquil's on the way.

Torquil, you ask? What the heck kinda crazy name is that? Not one we're going to permanently name this baby, I assure you! Torquil Shaw is the name of my dad's great grandfather, who immigrated from the Isle of Jura off the coast of Scotland to Fayetteville, NC. Last summer, we traveled to Scotland with my folks to visit the Isle of Jura and see where Torquil & his lovely wife Annie lived prior to their great journey to America. Beautiful place - very remote and isolated, but incredibly beautiful in the foggy, drizzly Scottish way. Anyway, we thought that Torquil would be hilarious as a baby name, though not one we would really want our child to be stuck with for life. So until we come to agree on a real name, Torquil it is. And so comes the name of the blog...

A quick Google search reveals that the origins of the name "Torquil" are Scottish/Gaelic and that it means "Thor's Helmet" or "Thor's kettle." (So Thor is using his helmet as a kettle?!) It's described as a "very rare male first name" (well, duh) that hasn't broken the top 1000 in the US top baby names. Ever. Maybe it's actually got potential after all ... as one of countless Jen/Jenny/Jennifers growing up, I wished for a slightly more unique name. But probably not that unique.

We're hoping that Torquil will make his/her big entrance on February 29, 2008. Although my official due date (and that of lots of other people, apparently!) is Feb. 28, I think a leap day birthday would be incredibly cool. And easy to remember. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

We are still counting the blessings of this wonderful announcement!