Monday, August 27, 2007

Let the 2nd Trimester begin!

The first thing that anybody asks when I mention I'm pregnant is "When are you due?" And that question is almost always followed by "Have you been sick?" Amazingly, the answer to #2 is "Nope - not yet." And I seriously hope that it stays that way!

I have been really lucky not to have any of the horrible morning sickness that friends have suffered through. One friend described rolling on the floor crying, "Why does this baby hate me?!" Another has nicknamed her in-utero baby "Zofran" for the anti-nausea medication that she's taking. (I think that Torquil & Zofran are going to be great friends!!) So I feel kinda guilty saying, "Well, this indigestion & heartburn are really a pain." And they are - I mean, who wants to have indigestion? But I've discovered that me & Tums get along well, so I pop 'em when I need them like they were Smarties candy... if only they came in one of those crinkly cellophane rolls, I could pretend much better.

But I'm officially entering the second trimester (HOLY COW - I'm already 1/3 of the way there?!) and I'm supposed to start feeling great. The books say that the fatigue & nausea are going to start wearing off and that I'll be sailing through the next couple of months. That is until I get huge and my feet swell and my back aches and Torquil starts kicking every internal organ I have... but I digress. I'm feeling good, doc says the baby's feeling good, and I'm hoping that things only get better from here. Bring on trimester #2!

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