Sunday, August 3, 2008

Put me in coach ... I'm ready to play today

Sunday Aug 03, 2008

Put me in coach ... I'm ready to play today

Look at me; I can be Centerfield

So this installment in the "Life & Times of Jay Michael is dedicated to our future athlete. This week has been quite sporty for sure - his dad is trying to get him to be a baseball superstar, and I'm working on that future as an Olympic swimmer.

In his short little life, he's been swimming not once, not twice, but THREE times, two of them this week! On Wednedsday night, he went to a pool party with his FBC friends. It was quite a production to get there since it was a weekday evening. We had major preparation on Tuesday night so we could go straight to the pool after picking him up from daycare:

Bottles for daycare? Check.
Extra bottle for dinner at the pool? Check.
Swimsuit? Check.
Hooded towel? Check.
Suncreen? (Don't want that tender little bald head to burn!) Check.
Personal floatation device? Check.
Swim diaper? Check.
Regular diaper to change into afterwards? Check.
Dry clothes? Check.
Swimsuit for mom & dad? Check.
Towels for mom & Dad? Check.
(You get the idea ... it's a good thing we have an SUV now.)

Even with all the preparation, we couldn't get there before 6:00 - it just takes that long to get from work to daycare and back to our side of town. But we arrived just in time for pizza, and still had plenty of time to play in the pool. We took him into the big pool, but it was a little on the chilly side. He really does enjoy playing in his float (Auntie Jen B. has the BEST hand-me-downs!!) - he just kicked like a little frog. Then we hit the baby pool, which was nice and warm. I'm going to keep believing that it's warm because the sun heats up a small pool better. I'm CERTAIN that is the ONLY reason it's such warm water. Really.

And on Saturday, he went to his first baseball game to watch Team USA take on Team Canada in Olympic preparation. This may be the last time that we have Olympic baseball, so we had to support the home team. We went with some of Derek's co-workers, and we had seats on the front row right behind the dugout. Awesome view! I was terrified we'd get hit by a foul ball, and we got awfully close. A pop up was headed right for us - I ducked & covered Jay while Derek (being the manly dad that he is!) lept up to catch it. If only he'd had a glove.... He did get a piece of the ball, but unfortunately didn't get a souvenir to bring home.

The only down side to the entire night was that Jay had a gigantic diaper blowout when we were feeding him in the car right before the game. I'm talking use-the-whole-pack-of-wipes, poop-behind-the-ears kind of blowout. Seriously, he didn't poop all day - why did he wait until we were out of the house & dressed in the baseball outfit to dump that load? You should have seen us in the parking lot. What a mess.

The game was at the DBAP, which we had driven past every day when Jay was at Duke. Every time we went by, I thought about the baseball theme nursery we had prepared for him and wondered whether our little slugger would ever be able to do "normal" things like going to watch a minor league game. It was great to take him to his first game there.

A little nervous about all these cheering fans...


Looks like Jay is having lots of fun this summer! (I see you did get the post up before the weekend was over!)

Posted by Lisa on August 04, 2008 at 02:17 PM EDT #

I LOVED this whole post. The joys of parenthood are all there!! You all are such a sweet family. I miss seeing you as much as I used to...what's keeping us so busy?!?! Oh yeah...these kids! Hope to see you soon!

Posted by rebecca on August 04, 2008 at 03:59 PM EDT #

I had to laugh about the poop blowout, but that is of course because it did not happen to me. Y'all are great sports!

Posted by Brandi on August 04, 2008 at 04:55 PM EDT #

Thanks so much for keeping us updated! I love the stories and especially the family picture! Keep them coming you wonderful friends!

Posted by Katrine on August 04, 2008 at 09:33 PM EDT #

I thought the MVP on my shirt meant "Maximum Volume of Poop"!

Posted by Jay on August 06, 2008 at 10:19 AM EDT #

What a great family picture!

Posted by Bethany on August 11, 2008 at 04:13 PM EDT #

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