Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walk this way...

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Walk this way...

Hi faithful blog readers! Jay here again. Since my mom has become the world's slackest blogger, I finally decided it's time for me to step in and tell y'all what I've been up to lately. Clearly, I've met quite a few developmental milestones since I've learned how to type since she last posted...

I'll start telling you about all my new tricks. Did she mention that I'm walking? Well, okay, not walking in the traditional sense. But I can motor right on across the room as long as I'm driving my Tonka truck that Uncle Matt gave me for Christmas. And I mastered the pushing mower at my Granna's house, too. I'm pretty excited about being able to get across the room so quickly - most days, I can get the remote control before dad can catch me. I can also walk around the ottoman at our house. Today, mom wouldn't let me eat her cheese sandwich, so I walked around the ottoman to come at her from the left. Almost got it, too. She must have eyes in the back of her head.

And did she mention that I can talk, too? Yep, I've been saying "Mama" and "Dada" for a while, though they don't always come when I call them. And now I can say "Bye Bye." I practice saying it and waving bye to my teachers and friends at school every afternoon when mom picks me up. Everyone seems pretty excited about me saying this new word, so I say it all the time, even if I'm not leaving. Just 'cause they laugh when I wave.

But my best trick is eating. I can seriously put away some food. This weekend, we went to Savannah with Mom, Dad, LaLa, Grandpa, and I met my Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt Betty. While we were there, we had to go to eat with some lady named "Paula Deen." We didn't ever meet her, and they wouldn't even let me eat her food. "Too much butter" my mom said. But, in the spirit of good southern eats, I ate a whole can of corn, a whole container of applesauce, and a whole container of peaches. And I'm not talking about baby food containers! That stuff is for babies. I mean I ate whole grownup size containers. I think I was as stuffed as everyone else was after eating this "Paula" person's southern cooking.

I promise I'll get my mom back into the blogging thing, and I'll make her get the camera fixed so she can post some new pictures of me. I've missed you guys!



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