Wednesday, August 5, 2009

With this ring I promise I'll always love you, always love you...

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

With this ring I promise I'll always love you, always love you...

Wedding season is here again! Perhaps you'll remember about one year ago when Jay went to two weddings two weekends in a row. As a big boy, Jay now gets to be IN a wedding! My cousin Jamie got hitched this weekend at the amazingly beautiful Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado, and Jay was the non-ring-bearing ring bearer. Actually carrying a ring was a job a little too important for a kid who can't keep up with his shoes, much less small family heirlooms. He instead got to ride in the wagon as the flower girls pulled him down the aisle.

It was pretty funny to hear Jay's running commentary during the ceremony. "Bird!" he shouted as a bird flew overhead. "Uh Oh!" he exclaimed (over and over again) as the Cheerios fell on the ground. "Fell" probably isn't the right word to describe how the Cheerios ended up on the ground. "Were forcefully thrown" might be more accurate. His new favorite words are "Oh Noooooo!" (which is about a 3 syllable No) and "Uh Oh!" (only one syllable, but repeated with great frequency). It's hilarious. He uses these two phrases not to mean, "Oh dear, there's been an accident." He uses the phrases interchangeably to mean "Could ya pick that up for me?"

The trip was too long and has far too many good stories for just one blog post - I gotta save up my material, ya know. So I'll just leave you with this picture of our happy little family before the happy couple gets hitched.

Congrats, Jamie & Jeff! We love you guys dearly and can't wait for Jay to have some little second cousins of his own (hint, hint!).

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