Thursday, September 4, 2008

Goin' to the chapel & we're gonna get married...

Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Goin' to the chapel & we're gonna get married...

Ahh, wedding season strikes again. When we graduated from college, my roommate's dad told me that all I'm going to do every weekend for the next year of my life is go to weddings & help people move. It was completely true ... the only thing he was wrong about is that it's lasted far longer than a year. After 8 years, the weddings are still going strong. Luckily, the moving has slowed down some, but boy has Derek developed some mad U-Haul packing skillz!

We've now been to two weddings in the past two weeks, and we had a blast at both. The first was Jay's "Aunt Mimi" in Colorado. Beautiful dress, gorgeous flowers, stunning table decor ... a wonderful event overall. The best part was that we got to spend lots of quality time with the bride & groom - I helped with decorating for the big event, and we even got their undivided attention at breakfast the morning after the wedding. It was great to get to know Mr. Groom ... especially since this was the first time I'd actually met him!

The only drawback to the whole weekend? That infamous "stomach bug" that reared its ugly head on the airplane going out there. Yup, it struck me about 4 a.m. on Saturday and hit Derek a little bit later that day. The only thing we could keep down that day was Gatorade and saltine crackers. But we were not going to miss the wedding of the decade - and we really were feeling better (not great, mind you, but a helluva lot better!) by the wedding. Unfortunately, the bride did not fare quite so well the next day, and she came down with it too. There are no apologies that can begin to make up for giving your friend the ultimate wedding "gift" of a stomach virus on her wedding night. All I can say is that if we're still friends after that, she must really like us! And we really are sorry.

So, on to wedding #2 and camping. Yes, it's not just any wedding that allows you to build in a camping trip, but we managed to incorporate both. Derek was a groomsman in this one - the groom was his close friend from vet school. The wedding was also beautiful - they carried out the orange & brown colors through everything ... the handmade invitations, the programs, the orange flowers, the bride's orange shoes, even the groomsmen's ORANGE ARGYLE SOCKS. Yep, and they actually looked good! Derek's thinking of reusing them to dress as Payne Stewart for Halloween...

But because the Catholic service was going to be about an hour, we were pretty sure we couldn't keep Jay quiet that long. So he got to spend the night with his Granna, but she brought him to the reception to meet everyone. Then she headed off to the campground and we followed a few hours behind. We had a great time camping - much better, in fact, than I ever would have expected. Jay was a trouper, happily enduring being held by lots and lots of Granna & Steve's friends at the campground. He slept between us in the tent and seemed to think that camping was pretty cool. (He seems to think that sleeping with Mom & Dad is pretty cool anywhere ... whether in a tent or in a house!)

But the best part is that Jay met a girlfriend at each of the weddings ... each a niece of the bride/groom, and older women in both cases. We'll see if the romance lasts with either of his potential ladies!

Wedding #1:

And wedding #2:

A big congrats to both couples - we had a great time at your weddings, and we wish you both all the love & happiness in the world! And we wish you both LOTS and LOTS of babies!!


By the way, I had no idea you all were sick in Colorado! Mom told me after ya'll left that you'd had the bug. Glad you're feeling better, and the bride too!

Posted by Jamie J on September 04, 2008 at 08:07 PM EDT #

Of course I still like you! I love you guys - even if you did give me a killer stomach bug on my wedding night. It was great to see you all. I'm already looking forward to our next time together.

Posted by Aunt Mimi on September 08, 2008 at 12:10 AM EDT #

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