Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's the buzz, tell me what's-a happening...

Saturday Sep 12, 2009

What's the buzz, tell me what's-a happening...

What's the buzz, tell me what's-a happening
Why should you want to know
Don't you mind about the future
Don't you try to think ahead
Save tomorrow for tomorrow
Think about today instead
-Jesus Christ Superstar

Good song, from a great musical. And good lyrics to remember - live in this moment and enjoy exactly where you are today. So, here's the buzz from the Foster clan.

First, a big thanks to LaLa for serving as guest blogger last week. As you've no doubt noticed, it's getting harder and harder to fit in time to blog these days. What's keeping me so busy? Oh yeah -- kitchen remodel, a high-energy toddler, full-time work, grad school, Mount Laundry (which is growing by the day!), and growing a person. Any one of those could wear a girl out.

No big news in the pregnancy world. I've definitely stared to "pop" and have given up almost all of my pre-preggo clothes. Unfortunately, I'm not quite big enough for most maternity clothes, but too big for my own stuff. I'd like to thank my friends in the College of Textiles (or whoever it was!) that thought to put spandex in ALL maternity clothes. I mean, even the jeans are stretchy, and not just in the belly. Ahh, comfort. Room to put more cheeseburgers.

I'm at 15 weeks, which makes ColbyJack/CheeseDoodle/Baby#2 about the size of an apple. S/he has fingerprints already! Isn't that just incredibly amazing? I'm finally starting to turn the corner on the constant nausea, and it's about time. I go back to the doc on Thursday and I'll report back if there's any news. But so far, all is well.

Jay is as cute as ever and learning more words every day. We started counting last weekend, and finally quit counting when we hit 100. That's a pretty huge vocabulary for an 18 month old - mostly nouns, but a few adjectives (hot, cold) and a few verbs (go, help). I really ought to pull out my old Language Development textbook. (I used to know this stuff!) My favorite new word - "Guggle" which means "snuggle." He likes to guggle before he goes to bed, which he NEVER used to do as a baby.

He's got a bit of a cold which makes it tough for him to sleep, but he's surviving. He went to the ENT this week because he has unfortunately inherited the McLean tonsils, which means that they are freakin' enormous. He's going to have a sleep study to confirm, but we're probably facing surgery sooner rather than later. I'm not going to worry yet. "Save tomorrow for tomorrow. Think about today instead."

Have a great week - hug someone you love!


When can we get some pix of the renovations?

Posted by Bethany on September 19, 2009 at 10:00 AM EDT #

Thoughts on names...
Luke - A bit on the biblical side. I picture him in a robe and staff, going out to minister to the masses.

Ben - Franklin comes to mind. An inventor, scientist, statesman and ladies man. (Ben Franklin preferred older ladies...said they were more grateful. Early idol of Bobby Riggs.)

Drew - Dennis might like this one. Better than "painted" or "wrote".

Greg - Shorthand? Unreadable handwriting, but at least he could read his own.

Zack - Destined to be last in line through first and second grade, until last names come into play.

Dylan - Wierd songs

Russ - I know a guy named Russ. Nice guy. Bald as an egg by age 40.

Brent - A constant reminder of Dennis' address.

Reid- I know a guy named Reid, too. Bald as Russ. Rides a Harley-Davidson. I think the wind took off his hair.

Other names to consider:

John, Peter, Paul, Mark or Exodus...keeps the biblical context going.

Leonardo - captures both the inventor and artist in the same moniker.

Aaron - gets a better place in line.

Elvis, Mick or Ringo - better music, less strange (ok, maybe Mick's has some oddness)

Heinz, Oakland, Bloodworth or Salisbury

Harry - self evident, may encourage him to ride a Honda

Just a few ideas...

Love you, kiddo


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