Friday, October 15, 2010

It's magic... know
never believe it's not so
it's magic, you know
never believe it's not so
-Pilot, "Magic"

You've been waiting for it - a sappy-free post. (Whew, finally!) This post is all about our littlest magician who, although unable to pick up a cheerio and get it to his mouth, is able to completely undress himself.

One day at school, his teachers commented on his magician skills - they told me that he managed to take his diaper halfway off WHILE STILL WEARING his pants! I'm thinking, "Sure. Y'all just didn't get the diaper closed well. Ha ha - funny anyway." But after last night, I'm starting to wonder if they were onto something.

As you may remember, our dear sweet easygoing Luke-o can be a little devil in the middle of the night. He lures us into a false sense of security, going to bed without a peep and sleeping through the night for nearly a week. Then all of a sudden - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! - the 2 a.m. intruder arrives. We'd been due a middle of the night screamfest; he's been sleeping through the night all week.

When the screaming started last night, I went in to find that his diaper had overflowed. This actually can be a good sign - it sometimes means that the crying stops quickly with a clean diaper and dry jammies. I put him into two piece PJ's since that is what was on the top of the drawer.

Unfortunately, clean clothes did nothing to settle the crying so I resorted to holding and rocking. The screams just got louder. So, I put him down (still screaming). With a kiss kiss on the head, I left the room, hoping that a little time would settle him down. When the screams hadn't quieted 10 mins later, I went back to check on him. One leg was completely out of his pants! Ummm, okay, they were a little big. But it's not like I put him in my pants! I re-dressed him, being sure that the pajama bottoms were pulled halfway to his armpits. (C'mon - It's not like anyone is going to see this mini-grandpa look in the middle of the night.) That seemed to make him happier, so another kiss on the head and I left again.

Ten more minutes later, the wailing had gotten even louder, so I went back to check on him again. The boy had gotten his pants completely off. They were laying beside his head. He had undone one side of his diaper, and the other side was hanging by a thread (which really does nothing to help prevent nighttime accidents). One sock was hanging from his big toe; the other was nowhere to be found. And best of all, he had pulled one arm completely out of his shirt and had the neckhole up over one ear. I truly think that if I'd let him wrestle around for another 5 minutes, I'd have found him completely nekkid. I really wish I'd had my wits about me to take a picture, but at 3 a.m., I just wasn't thinking that far ahead. I was too busy laughing.

What did I do? You guessed it. I dug out some one piece footed PJ's, and he fell asleep in 3 minutes. So, Ms. S and Ms. R - I no longer doubt your story. I think our lil' magician really did remove his diaper at school while still wearing his pants. And tonight, I'm going to stick to the one piece jammies.


Anonymous said...

I remember coming close to putting one piece PJs on backwards w/ T. At least you got a laugh in the middle of the night!


Anonymous said...

That is the funniest post and visual I have ever seen!!! I have been laughing out loud for 5 minutes - sure wish you HAD taken a pic!! Would have been great for blackmailing in those teen years!!! TOO FUNNY!!! AJ

Popper said...

Hey, now.... that almost hit home.... What kinda "grandpa" look are you talking about? I don't exactly sag my jeans like some of the younger set, but they are still a couple of inches below my armpits!!!!



Sush said...

While we will all be forever grateful you were such a thoughtful poster while in Philly, I must admit I have enjoyed getting to read your postings these past few days. You have such a humorous way to express the daileys! Welcome back to the Daily of your most ardent followers!

Anonymous said...

Forget the rockstar thing for halloween. He needs a top hat and a magic wand. "Abracadabra watch me pull a diaper out of my pants!"

Anonymous said...

A little late in reading...but, ya know, someone was going to pay someone one million dollars for streaking in front of Obama. There you go. Luke is practicing and trying to do his part with the expenses. Good story, well told.

Aunt Ali