Sunday, January 2, 2011

If you're really gonna cut my hair...

would you please, please take your time
and if I don't like what you've done to me
could I have a turn of mine
-Athenaeum, "Haircut"

(Sidenote - Derek was quite pleased to pull out a perfect song by one of his favorite local college bands. We had some good times in the late 90's listening to Athenaeum, Cravin' Melon, Far Too Jones, The Connells ... ahhh, the good ol' days. The smell of smoke still permeates every memory of those shows at Ziggy's and Lake Boone Country Club.)

So, given the song, I'm sure you can guess the big news around our house. Luke finally (FINALLY!) got the much needed haircut. We kept waiting, thinking that any day now it would start to lay down. Eventually, it's going to get long enough and therefore heavy enough to stop sticking up. Right? Apparently not. His hair was more than 2 inches long, and still standing straight out of his head in every direction. He looked like he'd spent a little too much time with the Van De Graaff Generator that I thought was so neat in high school physics. Oh admit it - you thought it was cool too.

I had been ready to buzz him for a while, but people kept saying "No, it's so cute!!! Don't do it!" And it was cute. But I finally decided it was time when strangers in the grocery store started commenting on it every time we took him out in public. Every. Single. Time. I mean really, if you saw a kid who looked like he'd stuck his finger in a socket, you'd have something to say about it, too. I realized that if he were someone else's kid, I'd publicly say "Oh it's so cute!" but secretly think "Why the heck don't they cut that crazy hair?!"

It was time. And what better way to start the new year than with a new 'do?

So, here's the before - for those who don't know me on facebook, this was a couple of weeks ago as he helped us with the cleanup from our Christmas baking.
When I tell you that hairdo is completely natural, I am NOT STRETCHING the truth in the least. Seriously - his hair just stood up like that completely on its own, and it didn't matter how much rubbing or spit-bathing it got, it just stood straight up. It actually kinda curled up and back, just for extra volume. It probably would have laid down if I put some gel on it or something, but I absolutely refuse to put product in a baby's hair.

And now, for the after:

Yes, it is really short. Yes, he looks like he's ready to join the Marine Corps. Yes, it makes him look older. But dang if he's not just about the cutest baby I've ever seen. So now, if folks comment on how cute he is in the checkout line, I'll know they really do think he's got an adorable smile. And they're not just amused by his crazy hair.


Amy said...

Jen, Jen, Jen... It's those adorable, wide-open, strikingly clear blue eyes that make that boy comment-from-a-perfect-stranger-cute. The hair was just an added attraction! His haircut looks great. It'll probably make his eyes look bigger. ;)

Sush said...

So thrilled for so many reasons to see you posting.
1. I prefer this method of communication to FB.
2. I love your stories they make me laugh or cry or smile each and every time.
3. I love Lukes hair really really love it both before and after.
Hugs and please don't stay away so long, I look forward to your posts!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the smile! :)


Annie said...


Jennifer Davis said...

I admit, I love Luke's hair and probably comment on it every time I see him. But he is one amazingly cute kid, short hair or long! I cut Caroline's hair tonight because she was starting to sport a baby mullet. Her hair on top and in front just refuses to grow, but the "party in the back" was getting crazy!

Jen Foster said...

Jennifer - I swear they are MEANT to be together!!! Same birthday, same first haircut. They will be sweethearts for sure!

Jamie Blackburn said...

Jen, his haircut looks fabulous! And it looked adorable with the crazy hair. He's just a really stinkin' cute kiddo! Post more post-haircut pics please. I quit FB so only have access now to the blog photos (although I may have ot re-join FB again just to see the Foster boys!)

Anonymous said...

He was the cutest with spikes and he is the cutest as a Marine Corps future cadet!! Adorable and just as sweet as he is cute, no matter what the "do"!! Love, AJ