Monday, February 28, 2011

'Cuz every girl's crazy... (part 2)

...'bout a sharp dressed man.
-ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man

I have to give a shoutout to my gal pal Lisa for pointing out the (DUH) obvious ... which I completely missed. "Sharp Dressed Man" was oh-so-perfect for the other fun thing I did this weekend - the consignment sale. I just HATE when I use a song then find a better occasion for it later. We'll just make this a bonus post about all the dressed-up-ness in my life this weekend.

Saturday morning, Lisa and I headed to Morrisville for the Kids Every Wear consignment sale. Oh. My. Goodness. I was out of control. Seriously OUT OF CONTROL. They really didn't need anything because my friend Amy shares enough hand-me-downs to outfit triplets. She's given me plenty of clothes to keep them well-attired every day and well pajamed every night.

But I have this thing with dressy church clothes - I adore them. The fancier the better. I try hard (well kinda hard) to dress my boys like boys, but I'm a big fan of smocked stuff. My friend Lisa? Right there with me. We both love the snazzy baby clothes and love to find bargains on said fancy stuff. My hubby? Not so much. He thinks they're cute, but he'd just as soon send them to church in khakis & a polo shirt.

So how did Lisa and I do at the consignment sale? Strasburg! New with tags! At less than 1/2 the price you'd find it in stores. Rags Land - smocked with a COW on the front! AND IN THEIR SIZES! Oh, and did I mention saddle oxfords? Matching Stride Rite saddle oxfords? A PAIR IN EACH OF THEIR SIZES! At only $6! Heaven, I tell ya. It was shopper's heaven for me. So much so that I took my mom over on Sunday to buy all the things I hadn't bought the day before. It was half price on Sunday! How could this coupon-clipping bargain hunter resist? Retail therapy.

They are now set for the summer and can probably wear a different outfit each Sunday of the summer. But it's more than church clothes. I love to envision them in these fancy duds, frolicking barefoot on the beach like the trendy portrait photography that's all the rage these days. Sidenote - Y'all know this is the stuff of my imagination. Our family beach portraiture looks something like this:
And you wonder why I didn't send Christmas cards?

But I'm not giving up on my dream - no sir!! I will keep dressing my kids and letting them get sand in their smocked frocks. And I'll continue to wonder why our pics look like these above instead of the peaceful, smiling children I see others posting.

And on a completely unrelated note, Lil Luke is having surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) bright and early. He's having tubes put in his ears and adenoids removed, and we're uber-hopeful that the snot rivers will cease. (Think that will happen instantaneously? I'm sure counting on it.) So say a little prayer for him that everything goes smoothly and that we're home by lunchtime.


Lisa said...

Where's my "like" button?

Stefenie said...


Anonymous said...

I personally LOVE the Foster beach photos-wouldn't trade them for the PERFECT ones we all strive for!!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear little Luke is home and doing well after his surgery this morning.
And I agree with the above comment, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach pictures and think they capture your family perfectly. Cute, casual, a little bit of spunk (Jay yodeling or whatever he is doing in the second picture!) and a lot of boy (Luke investigating the tree and bouncing all over). But I do want to see them in the new duds... even if they are getting them dirty!

P's mom said...

I love the Kids Every Wear sale!! I usually go on the 50% off or 75% off days when you can get crazy deals!