Thursday, March 3, 2011

No need to ask...

...he's a smooth operator
Smooth operator
Smooth Operator
coast to coast, LA to Chicago, Western male
-Sade, "Smooth Operator"

Hard to believe it's been 2 days since Luke's surgery and I haven't updated. You can tell he's a second child and we've been through more than our share of surgeries, eh?!

But he managed to stay healthy enough for surgery on Tuesday and it was as smooth as an operation can possibly be. We had to be in Durham at 6 a.m., and we were back home by 9:15. Yup, that's fast! I really wasn't too worried about it beforehand - I mean, when you've been through a couple of heart surgeries, tubes and adenoids are a cakewalk.

(Yes he's adorable in his gown, but we gotta do something about that HAIR!)

I handled it really well during all the pre-op stuff. But when we were sitting in the waiting room and the surgery took 5 minutes longer than promised, I kinda freaked. "What's wrong?! Why's it taking so long?! Why haven't they come to tell us what's happened?????" My cool & collected hubby reminded me that the actual SURGERY time would be 3o mins, and that it probably took some time to get him under anesthesia, and then some time to get him back to the PACU. And lo and behold they paged us. Whew.

He was pretty cranky until we got some food in him, but once we did it was like we had a new kid on our hands. A very hungry new kid. (Guess getting all that snot out left room for more food?) Ever since, he's been grinning up a storm and is clearly feeling better than he has in many weeks. His teachers even commented on how he seems to be feeling a ton better, so it's not just my imagination. Perhaps now that he can actually hear, he'll start talking. The snot rivers aren't gone yet, but they're dramatically better. Here's to a snot-free summer!

But the biggest sign to me of his improvement is that on Wednesday morning, he woke up babbling "Da da? Da da da deee do!" He's woken up crying for months, and it was music to my ears to hear him chattering away. Life is good.

PS- Anyone got any tips on how to keep his ears dry? We got the wax for bathtime ... and we're working on convincing big brother Jay not to pour water on his head. But what about the pool this summer?


Ann Lawrance said...

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Did you get the wax that you can mold to their ear? That is what we use for Izzy. Just be sure to do it before he even gets near the water or they wont stay put.


Amy said...

Funny, they told us not to worry about water -- unless it was pond or lake water. They said that tap water/ pool water wouldn't hurt anything. Through 2 sets of tubes, we never worried about it. ...Oh, and don't do anything about his hair yet. It's just so cute. :)

Jen Foster said...

@Amy - I asked the ped about it at his 1 yr checkup, and he said the same thing. As long as he stays out of rivers/lakes, he's good. Oceans, pools & bathtubs are cool without earplugs.

And too late on the hair - cut it last night. But it looks adorable too!