Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I got my first real six string...

...bought it at the five and dime
played it til my fingers bled
was the summer of '69
-Bryan Adams, Summer of '69

Because this boy and his guitar are hilarious together:

And because you know how I love song lyrics, I've written them out for your viewing pleasure:
I want to
I've got a tomato
while I was painting
but I took it home
I just, I just went home
and I just ate my tomato
but first I took off my shoes and drank my food
and I wanted to play
and then I played
and then I go to bed
(Squeal of little brother - translation "What the hell is all that racket?")

"I drank my food"? Where did that come from?!

And then I give you this little gem, just because his rock star face made me laugh until I nearly peed in my pants. He's trying SO hard to be cool. Seriously, can't you just see this on stage in another 20 years?

What? You don't typically use a wadded up paper towel for a guitar pick?! Awww, c'mon. "Root Root Root for the BlastOff" - can you tell the theme at school this week is outer space? Three year olds are a hoot and a half.

Hope that brought a smile to your day.


Joye said...

SO stinkin' cute!! I love that boy! Ethan was watching the videos with me and, at the end of the 2nd, he said "do it again". ha!

Sush said...

We can all say we knew him when!

Jennifer Davis said...

"And I just go home." A perfect ending to any song. These videos really did make my day.

Lisa said...

He definitely has SKILLZ!

Anne said...

I'm speechless! What talent you have in your household!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this child!!!


Anonymous said...

Guess I need to bring my guitar over and play along-as long as Jay does the lyrics. Too funny.