Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now it cuts like a knife...

...but it feels so right
Yeah it cuts like a knife
But oh it feels so right
-Bryan Adams, "Cuts Like a Knife"

Since we became parents, Derek and I have sent our kids back for surgery 6 times. SIX times in three short years, and you'd think I'd be better at this by now. In fact, I think I handle it less well than I used to. I'm sure that's because I now imagine that every worst case scenario will happen. Justified? Probably. But it sure doesn't make this waiting time any easier.

We are in the waiting area, and my little cheeze doodle is in surgery as I type. We just got a call from the OR, and it nearly sent me over the edge. Nothing serious - one of the tubes in his ear had come out, and they needed permission to put it back in. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. Can you hear my heart pounding? We sat back down and my trembly voice said to Derek "They shouldn't do that to people who have been through scary stuff like we've seen." Oh, and the article in the N&O today on medical mistakes wasn't exactly ideal timing. Relax, Jen. Breathe.

But anyway, all went well this morning. The nurses remember us, which is nice on the one hand but is a sign we've done this too often. Luke was quite a charmer and grinned & giggled his way into everyone's heart. Until he got too tired to put up with it, and the hunger pangs got to him, and he got crab-a-riffic. With some constant entertainment and lots of walking the halls, we finally got to surgery time. The sweet OR nurse took him off in her arms and he gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

(Walking the halls. Repeatedly.)

(spinning the stool - one of our favorite modes of medical entertainment!)

Sweet baby snuggles.

And so we wait.


Jamie said...

I am hoping that Luke is out of surgery and feeling better right at this very moment. I'm hoping the surgery was SHORT, and therefore the waiting was SHORT too. Keep us posted.

Mindy Marshall said...

What a cutie that boy is! Hope that all went well and that he's back with you. Praying for you all today.

Sush said...

Oh Jen, as if you haven't had enough already! Prayers were already being said for you and yours...hoping we get an all clear from you very soon! Luke is just the cutest patootie...