Thursday, September 15, 2011

If I were President...

...I'd make you understand
No more questions, no more lies
I will tell you the truth looking in your eyes
If I were President.
-Cross Canadian Ragweed, "President Song"

There are loads of great things about working on a college campus. I am incredibly lucky to work with some of the brightest and most talented kids at NC State - y'all keep me young. But yesterday I had an opportunity that doesn't come along every day, even on a campus that brings some big name speakers. I got to see the President of the United States. At good ol' NC State. How cool is that?!

(right above the Bojangle's ad - appropriate, right?)

Now, I realize that I have readers at both ends of the political spectrum, and that some of you aren't particularly fond of Mr. Obama. That's fine - being able to voice your opinion about our leaders and their decisions is what makes this a free country. Just know that I am not going political here, and I hope you'll show respect for my views as well. And remember that I have the power to delete any comments that I don't want in what is the equivalent of my kids' baby book. Let's focus on the fact that it really was a pretty awesome thing to have a sitting Commander in Chief at NC State and be excited about that, okay?

It was worth waiting in line well over an hour to snag tickets.

And it was well worth waiting in the security line to get into Reynolds Coliseum.
(The most popular guy of the day - the volunteer from Obama For America
passing out bottled water to those of us waiting in the hot sun!)

It was worth the wait just to have the chance to be part of NC State history.

And it was even worth being a basketball court away. I was there - I heard him speak!

His speech really showed why he was so successful on the campaign trail - the man can work a crowd. The best moment was when someone shouted "I love you Barack!" and without even missing a step he responded "I love you too!" The crowd roared. The energy in there was just amazing - it was an overwhelmingly supportive crowd, but he knew how to relate to students and how to connect with such a large group. He made me want to act - to call my representatives in Washington and tell them how I feel on important issues.

My friend Amy joked that I was trying to see all the celebrities whose names start with O this year. Remember when I froze my arse off in Chicago to visit the Celebrity Who Will Not Be Named? Well, I sweated my fanny off this time, but at least I got to bring my camera in to document the occasion. I swore up and down that I wouldn't get teary when I saw Chicago-O walk into the studio. And okay, I admit the eyes got a little wet. This time, I didn't even pretend. I welled up when The Prez walked on stage, just like I knew I would. I'm rarely at a loss for words, and I really can't describe it - I was in awe.

I was so preoccupied taking pictures (with my new point & shoot camera!) that for a little while I couldn't even take it all in. Finally, I had to put the camera away and just soak it up. I'm here. In the same room as the most powerful man in the free world. On my campus, in my hometown. Pretty amazing stuff - definitely a memory I'm going to hang on to for a long time to come.


Anne said...

Wow! You even made a Tarheel fan feel proud!

Anonymous said...

It's a rare opportunity to see the President and I'm envious and happy for you! It's an experience few have and one you'll never forget!! Love, AJ

Ginger said...

That's awesome - how exciting! I'm so glad you got to see him!

Sush said...

This was definitely Baby Book worthy! Torquill and Cheese Doodle will cherish the memory of their MOM and the Pres! Congrats and hugs~

Anonymous said...

The prez and Bojangles... what more could a girl ask for?