Monday, September 19, 2011

On the beach, you'll find them there... the sun and salty air
the girls on the beach.
-The Beach Boys, "Girls on the Beach"

Okay, so I'm a little out of order in my posts lately. But I must document for the blogosphere the wonderful weekend I recently spent with some of my chosen sisters at the beach. This was our fourth (mostly) annual fall getaway.

Another year, another beautiful day at the beach.

We always pretend we're going to scrapbook, and some of us usually do at least a little paper crafting. We do bring an awful lot of craft supplies, just in case the crafty urge strikes. I made a whole handful of cute baby cards, so if any of y'all want to invite me to a baby shower, I am SO ready. Well, as long as you're having a boy, anyway. I ran out of pink paper.

(We blinged out our phones! See, we were a little crafty-licious.)

But the truth is that the trip is about sisterhood, not paper and ink and stamps. It's about reconnecting with fellow travelers on this journey. We've had hard times together, and held each others' hand on the tough days. Collectively we've lost parents and unborn children and marriages and jobs. We've struggled to care for strong-willed children, ailing parents, and injured spouses. We don't talk every day. But when times are tough, these are people who would drop what they are doing and drive 8+ hours (stopping every 30 minutes for someone's potty break) to hug me. And to do my laundry. Them's some good friends right there.

But the thing that most defines our beach trips is our hysterical laughter. We stay up half the night until we are completely punchy, telling hilarious stories about ... well, you know I just can't really describe it. But it sure seems funny as hell at the time.

And really, any day at the beach is good. A day at the beach laughing with your girls is great. All that while still wearing our PJ's at 7 p.m.? That's good times.

(Don't we look so stair-steppy? If the other 3 of us had been
there, we'd have been much more even! Next time, TOJ , MS, and CM.
You don't get out of my pics for long.)


Amy said...

Hmmmm... if you'd cropped that picture differently, we could've claimed that I was standing in a hole. :)

Jen F. said...

Ooh, and could have claimed I was standing on the back of a turtle.

Lisa said...

Nicely said, Jen! Good times. Ready for another?!?

And me, well I'm just standing on the beach. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE time spent with my BFF's from Radford College/University in my home state of VA! It's like time has stood still and we've never been apart. My usual weekend objective is to laugh as much as possible and stay in PJ's as long as we can! Glad you had a GREAT weekend!

Anonymous said...

So happy you're carrying on the tradition of lifelong friends!! I (your old-as-dirt AJ) have "sisters" that have been a part of all of my life adventures, good bad happy sad!! And I don't know what I would have done without each of them on this journey we call life!! Another blessing......really happy you've found your "sisters"! LYTB, AJ