Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey there little red riding hood... sure are looking good
You're everything that a big bad wolf could want.
-Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, "Lil Red Riding Hood"

This post is all about the quirky things my boys are doing these days.

1. Now that the weather is chilly in the mornings, they need to wear jackets to school.  They simply will NOT wear jackets without wearing the hood.  Little brother gets it from big bro, but he insists on the hood, even when big bro isn't around.  And try to get them to wear hoodless jackets?  No dice.  The adorable orange fleece that Jay's wearing at the top of the blog header?  Luke acts like it's we've asked him to wear sandpaper.

(We don't generally dress the little peanut in all red, but it was team spirit day.  
Had to Wolfpack it up.)

(And did I mention that it must be ALL the way zipped?  Every single time?!)

(Yes, he's wearing shorts.  With a jacket.  And the hood.  
Yes it's quite sunny.  Definitely not wearing the hood because of the rain.)

2.  Jay's attachment to Cow Lovey is pretty well documented.  But he's got lots of other fuzzy friends who make our lives interesting, including Siggy the Piggy, Jeffy the Sheep, and Mayonaise the Tiger.  Yes, "Mayonaise."  No clue where that came from - he just pulled it out of the air one day, and it stuck.  I think he gets it from his Uncle Matt, who named his blanket "Chest Of Drawers."  Unky Matt also had a stuffed friend named Willie Michael ... after his two favorite musicians:  Willie Nelson and Michael Jackson.  We McLeans have interesting musical tastes.

3. Jay will occasionally make random proclamations.  Yesterday on the way home he announced, "Mom - do you know why you have a tongue?  So you can clean your mouth!"  Hmmm.  (I'm choosing not to think about what dinner leftover he "cleaned" out with his tongue!)

4. Luke detests having his diaper changed.  He can twist and turn until he's pretzeled himself and you can't get anywhere near his tush with the diaper.   Meanwhile, he's spread poo all over the changing pad, the changing table, and occasionally the wall.  But we've learned the trick: give him a book.  He will lay there perfectly peacefully, examining every page with incredible detail.  Diaper dilemma solved!  At no other time of day does he show any interest in books.  Bathroom reading - it must be a man thing.

5. Luke still isn't really talking ... or at least not when we're paying attention.  But at 6:15 every morning, he wakes up chatting enthusiastically to the lion who hangs from his crib rail.  Loudly.  He continues for 45 mins or more, every day.  But as soon as you go in his room, he gets shy, flops down on his bed and hides his face.  Cutest thing ever. But if he'd like to start saying Mama to my face instead of just to the baby monitor, that would be cool.

They make me laugh, that's for sure.


Sush said... touched my heart and tickled my fancy bone this morning with this precious post! You even included a sweet story about another of your boys that has my heart...Unky Matt!

Loves and Hugs~

Lisa said...

As far as the hood goes, if you got it you might as well use it! They are learning not to waste! :)

I love Luke talking to the monitor! Cute image.

MissHeatherMommy said...

I don't know if the bathroom reading is just for the guys as my little Cammie has to do the same thing while changing her diaper!! Otherwise she WILL NOT stay still and screaming ensues!! But she does like to "read" a lot in general too!!!