Monday, November 10, 2008

This here's the story...

Monday Nov 10, 2008

This here's the story...

...of Billy Joe & Bobbi Sue
Two young lovers with nothin' better to do
-Steve Miller Band "Take the Money and Run"

Storytime in blogsville:

Once upon a time in a house on the other side of town lived a little boy named Jay. Jay was generally a good baby, but one night he decided that he didn't want to sleep. So he woke up crying about 10:00 p.m. His mommy tried everything she knew - she rocked him, she nursed him, she changed his diaper, she quietly told him how much she loved him. But he STILL didn't want to go to sleep.

Enter SuperDad, stage left.
SuperDad: Uh oh! Little Jay doesn't want to go to sleep.
AverageMom (looking exasperated): Apparently not. We've tried everything short of driving him around in the car.
SuperDad: Let me try.
AverageMom: Go ahead. Good luck with that. (rolls eyes)

AverageMom exits stage right and heads into the kitchen.
Suddenly, she hears a strange sound coming over the baby monitor. It sounds like SuperDad is talking to Baby Jay. "HA!" she thinks. We tried that talking thing, and it didn't work. But as she listens closer, she can hear that they aren't just talking. What in the world?

She peeks in to find SuperDad settled into the corner of the bed, with Baby Jay snuggled cozy in his lap. And they're reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."
Superdad: "But he was STILL hungry!"

And AverageMom just can't hold back the tears. "This," she thinks, "is what it's all about."
I love you, SuperDad!


Awwwwwww... We librarians love stories like that. {Sniff, sniff}

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