Friday, February 1, 2008

BIG news...

Friday Feb 01, 2008

Gotcha! He's not here yet. (Sorry - that wasn't very nice, was it?!)

The "Big" news is that Torquil is getting very BIG! I know, every mom thinks her baby is huge and that her belly is huge. But mine really is. The highlight of my doctor's appointments these days is when the doc lays her trusty tape measure across my belly from top to bottom and pronounces me "still growing." Gee, really? I hadn't noticed! About a month ago, the doctor said I was measuring "a little big." Two weeks ago it was, "You tall women can hide some big babies." (Trust me, I'm not hiding anything.) Last week, they said, "Okay, you're measuring about 2 weeks ahead of your due date, so we need an ultrasound to see just how big he's getting."

Derek's comment:
We want a bun in the oven, not a whole loaf.

So yesterday, they do the ultrasound. I was excited, thinking maybe I could get a good look at him and get a hint about what he'll look like. Not so much. He's so big, you can't get more than one body part on the ultrasound screen at a time! So the tech meausred the circumference of his head (please be small, please be small!), his waistline, and the length of his leg bones. Each of those measurements gives an estimated due date. They ranged from Feb 1 - yikes that's today! - to Feb 20. None went to Feb 29, my target date. But they take all those measurements together and create an estimated weight.

Torquil's weight, as of the end of January: 7 and a half pounds. Y'all, keep in mind that he's still got FOUR weeks to go! That's the size I wanted him to be at delivery! And the best part is that they could be off by as much as a pound and a half ... either way. So the reassuring doctor tries to tell me that he might be only 6 pounds at this point. You all know me well enough to know what I'm thinking ... that he could be 9 pounds already. That would be one seriously big preemie. I'm re-thinking that cute little size newborn outfit we were planning to bring him home in - and looking more closely at his big boy clothes.

The positive side to all this is that friends say that big babies sleep through the night sooner than little ones. And I'm pretty sure he won't be as big as this 17 pounder born in Russia this fall: (Check out the look on the other kid's face! Priceless!)
Anybody else got a positive way to spin it?


As our Appie would say - "this too shall pass"!! HA HA HA! Love ya, AJ

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