Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The crud...

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

Quick - What's worse than the exhaustion you face during the last few weeks of pregnancy? I've discovered it. It's being sick during the end of pregnancy. I had a cold a week or so ago, and truthfully never felt THAT bad. I spent a lot of time blowing my nose, but otherwise was able to function. But this weekend, I came down with something way worse. Derek's medical diagnosis? "The Crud." (This from a veterinarian who regularly diagnoses "lumpy jaw," "wooden tongue," and my personal favorite, "bovine viral diarrhea virus." I'm not making these up.)

The Crud includes runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and fever. Worse, it totally and completely saps what little energy I had. And it stinks. I've spent the past 2 days on the couch, with the highlight of my day being the chance to get up and get more orange juice. Unfortunately, the effort of taking the 10 steps from couch to fridge is so exhausting I have to take an hour-long nap. And the best part? I can't take any good drugs. The nurse seriously recommended Vicks VapoRub and hot tea. I can't even spice up the tea with bourbon & honey!

My mom says to look on the bright side because every cough gets this baby closer to being born. My thought is that this had better go away soon cause I can't take care of myself, much less a kid in this state. I just keep using my dear Appie's favorite phrase:
This too shall pass. I've had to tell it to myself over & over, and while I don't believe it yet, I'm going to keep saying it until I believe it, or until this really does pass.

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