Thursday, April 17, 2008

How do I live without you?

Thursday Apr 17, 2008

How do I live without you?

I want to know
How do I breathe without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?

Okay, you would think from the song lyric title that this post is about wonderful it is to have Jay in our lives and wondering how we lived before him ... but it's not. While we certainly feel that way (most of the time!), this post is about the STUFF that has become such an integral part of our lives that we can't imagine life without it. So here's a top ten list of baby products that we just can't live without...

#10 - Baby view mirror in the car. For all those times when you want to know why he's screaming in the backesat...oh wait. Even Snow White's magic mirror can't explain that. But at least you can look to see that he's still breathing.

#9 - Medela Quick Clean Micro-steam bags. Just rinse off that paci that landed on the nasty floor of the hospital waiting room, toss it into the bag with some breastpump parts, add 2 oz water and nuke it. PRESTO! Clean enough to stuff in a baby's mouth.

#8 - Munchkin dishwasher rack for bottles, nipples, rings, etc. We thought that 6 bottles would be enough. HA! When he's eating every 3 hours, those bottles pile up faster than the pile of unread newspapers & magazines we're accumulating. Get lots of extra bottles, and toss those suckers in the dishwasher.

#7 - Baby Bjorn carrier. This works better for Derek than for me, but Jay loves to ride in this carrier. I figure, I carried him for 9 months, now it's Dad's turn to find out just how tired your back can be with an extra person to tote around.

#6 - Medela breast pump. I never thought I'd spend so much time attached to plastic parts. And thank goodness for its auto-shutoff feature. I heard a horror story of a friend who fell asleep at her pump and the result was not pretty. Funny to laugh at later, but not pretty at the time.

#5 - Fisher Price Cuddle Ducks swing. I mentioned this in a prior post, but Jay is absolutely hypnotized by the circling ducks on the mobile on this swing. When they stop circling, he starts wailing. If he grows up to be a duck hunter, we'll know why.

#4 - NC State crib mobile. Much like his flying ducks, the kid loves his mobiles. This one plays the fight song - we're training him up right!

#3 - Happiest Baby on the Block. This book, recommended by my childhood friend, has been a lifesaver. I don't know that I'd say he's colicky, but he's certainly a fussy kid. Okay, he cries a lot. This book has many strategies for calming a crying baby, and while they don't always work immediately, and our parents think our techniques are a little weird, it's been a lifesaver for us. He's not the happiest baby on our block, but he's at least the second happiest. (Note that there is only one other baby on our block, so that's not saying much.)

#2 - The PeePee TeePee. Okay, so honestly, these aren't that useful in real life, but they have brought us enough laughs to make them among our favorite baby products. The theory is that you stick the teepee over the offending sprinkler to prevent mid-diaper changing fountains. The reality is that he could shoot that thing across the room with his urine spray. But they're cute and amusing, so we keep them on the changing table for entertainment.

#1 - The Miracle Blanket. Seriously, this thing lives up to its name. While it looks like you're putting your kid in a straight-jacket (which I've been tempted to do on more than one occasion!) he actually really likes being swaddled so tightly. We got it as a hand-me-down from Auntie Jen B. (who happens to be president of the Jay Michael fan club) and he liked it so much he pooped on it daily. To cut down on our laundry, we decided that we needed two since it is the only way we can get the kid to sleep. New parents, trust us on this one. You need it. You may need two.


Great list! I also found if I needed 1 of something, I needed 2 or more.

Posted by Lisa on April 17, 2008 at 10:44 PM EDT #

I promise not to comment EVERY time you write- but I couldn't help thinking while reading about the "miracle blanket" you wrote that Jay pooped on it daily. Okay, so you wrap it tightly around around him? Could it be that you are wrapping it around him so tight your squeezing the poop out of him? Just a thought....

Posted by Great Aunt Ali on April 18, 2008 at 08:22 PM EDT #

Oh my gosh! We recieved the announcement and Braves fans unite!!! What a cutie!

And until you have gone through a vacuum cleaner (I mean burn the motor up for the white noise) because a friend mentions to you it is a life saver. you haven't done all the weird things for the wellbeing of your family and baby. Ofcourse the after effects, David is like Papa...he cannot hear a word we say in the same room anymore :-)
Love to all!

Posted by Robin Perry on April 25, 2008 at 06:24 PM EDT #

Another thing we couldn't live without was the Egg temperature light, it showed whether baby was hot or too cold.

Posted by Mobiles on February 05, 2009 at 08:58 AM EST #

Great list... I agree with almost everything on it. I just wanted to say one thing about the baby carrier... you would likely find it easier on your back if you use a carrier that has a waist belt so that most of the baby's weight is carried on your hips instead of your shoulders, which strains the back. Enjoy the early years - they go by too fast!

Posted by Baby Carriers on May 27, 2009 at 12:51 AM EDT #

I love the list. I have one of my own, but have found a few more that you listed to add to it. Thank you very much

Posted by baby carriers backpacks on July 31, 2009 at 09:39 AM EDT #

#3, 2 and 1 are the best. I have a one year old grandson and the numbers of times we got christened with pee. The Miracle Blanket is the best thing I ever bought, Jack had colic and it worked just like it said and he is a much happier baby because of it.

Posted by Patsy on September 16, 2009 at 09:20 PM EDT #

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