Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Take a look; it's in a book...

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Take a look; it's in a book...

...Reading Rainbow!

Butterfly in the sky; I can go twice as high
Take a look - it's in a book
Reading Rainbow
I can go anywhere
Friends to know, ways to grow
Reading Rainbow
I can be anything
Take a look - it's in a book
Reading Rainbow
That, my friends, is proof that Google knows everything! Children of the 80's, watch the YouTube video above - brings back a flood of memories.

So, the book story is that this weekend my mom bought us not one, not two, but THREE books on how to raise a child. Apparently she thinks it's only by the grace of God that we've made it this long without doing permanent harm to our child. Oh wait...

Anyway, we split them up. I started with BabyWise, which is supposed to help with scheduling and getting your child to sleep through the night. The idea is that children who are on a routine function better. Seems logical - the fact that I have not had any sort of routine in the past weeks certainly has reduced my functioning! Of course, functioning on major sleep deprivation is probably a factor, but that's why we're reading this book... routine leads to better sleep and better sleep leads to happier kid. Anyway, the author's big push is that your baby needs to eat, then play, then sleep (nap or nighttime). Like most parents, we'd been letting him eat, fall into milk-induced coma (uh, I mean sleep), and then wake up to scream and fuss (uh, I mean play. That's it. PLAY.) So we're trying VERY hard to keep him awake after he eats, then put him down for a nap while he's still awake, and then wake him up when it's time to eat again. The book says that he needs to learn to put himself to sleep instead of always falling asleep in our arms. Of course, the only way to learn this important life skill is to scream your way through it. My friend refers to this as "Baby Boot Camp." Just call me the General.

But the hilarious part of BabyWise is what it recommends during the awake/play times. For example, it suggests for the midafternoon (I'm quoting here...)
"1. Feeding and diaper change.
2. Waketime: Play with your baby; have him or her by your side as you read or sew.
3. Put your baby down for a nap."
Yeah, I've been just sewing up a storm lately. In fact, I'm thinking of going into business as a seamstress. You have got to be kidding me - he's supposed to just sit there contentedly watching me sew?!

Derek has been reading The Baby Whisperer. It's written by a cute little British woman who refers to you the reader as "luv" on a regular basis and calls me "Mum" and "Mummy." But she also recommends the same eat/play/sleep schedule - which she ironically refers to as the E.A.S.Y. routine - Eat, Activity, Sleep, time for Yourself. Ha! The only time I've had for myself is when I go to the bathroom, and then I can still hear him screaming over the monitor. Okay, and the time yesterday when Jay's new favorite babysitter came to relieve me for a couple of hours. Let me tell you, I've never enjoyed going to Kroger so much! I can't say much for the Baby Whisperer since I haven't finished it, but I'll let you know just how E.A.S.Y. this schedule is when we've tried it a few more days.

Then we are going to read "The Essential Guide to Baby's First Year." The goal here is to find out what Jay is "supposed" to be doing at various ages/stages. I think my mom's ultimate goal was to find something else to brag about to her buddies. I mean, you can only brag about him being the cutest baby on the planet for so long. Eventually, you have to move on to bragging about how advanced he is for his age...

I think there may be something to this grandma business. That may be even more fun that being a mom!


I loved Babywise!! P was a much happier baby once we got him to sleep through the night (and on a semi-sleep, eat, play schedule).

Posted by Bethany Watkins on April 30, 2008 at 11:55 AM EDT #

Since you have all the time in the world to lounge around and read, you might also like "Healthy sleep habits, Happy child" by Weissbluth. I even know where you could get a great deal on a "used," no, make that an "extensively used" copy!

Posted by President of the Jay Michael Fan Club on May 01, 2008 at 07:59 PM EDT #

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