Sunday, April 27, 2008

When I see you smile...

Sunday Apr 27, 2008

When I see you smile...

I can face the world, oh
You know I can do anything
When I see you smile
I see a ray of light, oh
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Baby, when I see you smile at me

Jay has learned his first cool baby trick - smiling. (Sorry, but audible pooping and projectile vomiting do not count as cool baby tricks.) Sure, he'd already mastered the "I'm about to fart" smile and the sleeping "I'm dreaming of milk" smile, but this is now the real deal. The "I recognize your face and I'm happy about it" smile. While I know that there will be many milestones to come, and I'll celebrate his first tooth, his first steps, his first word (and it had better be "Mama"!) as if he's the first child to ever do those things, I really like the first smiles. It's like he's really a person with real emotion and a real personality, not just a hungry, screaming mouth to feed. It's his way of communicating "Hey, I like you!" And I really like that.

But he's got lots of other entertaining facial expressions as well. Check out:

Baby Elvis...

Screaming for more milk

Breaking it down, dancing the Cabbage Patch!

And last but not least, that grin!


Dear Jen,
You have always amazed me even as a young girl. But the way you have handled the hurdles you have faced with Jay Michael have me in awe. I can feel your love for him throughout your blog and it just makes me so happy that you are now able to enjoy all the wondrous experiences he brings and hopefully not as much worry. (Although, as a Mom, I will admit you never quit worrying about your children, the degrees will amp up and down...)
I love the pictures you have posted, he is just absolutely adorable and YES a smile that will send little girls hearts a tingling for years.
If you are wondering how I came across your blog,when you were first in the PICU with Jay, Jeannette sent the site to many of us with who had you all in our prayers.
Give me a call if you ever need some help or are looking to run a quick errand or just need a breather and I'll be soooo happy to come and do whatever you need. 872-6891.
Much love and admiration sent to all of you, but special love from you to me. Susie

Posted by Susie Hoffman on April 28, 2008 at 02:05 AM EDT #

LOVE the pics! A cabbage-patching, smiling Elvis. I think he has future in show business.

Posted by Rebecca Sasser on April 28, 2008 at 09:34 AM EDT #

Thank ya, Thank ya very much! My next gig will be in Tahoe, after I close down Vegas.


Love ya Jay,
the girls in Kennesaw
Kelsey, Olivia and A. Robin

Posted by Robin Perry on April 29, 2008 at 08:03 PM EDT #

I could eat him......maybe with a peanut butter, banana and potato chip sandwich.

Posted by President of the Jay Michael Fan Club on May 01, 2008 at 07:49 PM EDT #

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