Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've seen the needle...

...and the damage done
a little part of it in everyone
but every junkie's
like the setting sun
-Neil Young, The Needle and the Damage Done

Okay, folks - while it's Jen here writing, I must confess that I do not know this song. That's all Derek's inspiration. But we have gotten far more up close and personal with needles (and the damage they do to a 2 year old's psyche and poor little arms!) than we want.

On Sunday night, Jay started on Lovenox in the hopes that we could get a blood thinner (ANY blood thinner!) we could go home on. He is not a fan of the shot, but interestingly, the part that seems to freak him out the most is the lidocaine cream they put on to numb it. So we've taken to just giving him the shot, and being done quickly. Derek is his preferred shot-giver. Sorry, nurses. We just don't need ya anymore!

Yesterday's result? Still not theraputic on the coumadin. And still not theraputic on the Lovenox, either. So, we're still here. But we're getting closer!! The INR finally broke the 2.0 level yesterday. (For my Wolfpack friends, I couldn't help but think that if he was a kid working to raise his GPA, he's be off suspension! We're looking for solid B level work, but we'll take getting off suspended status. Can ya tell I'm anxious to get back to the work world?!)

Unfortunately, we're still waiting to see what the INR is today. The phlebotemist who came in this morning stuck him twice and got nothing. The doctor who stuck him an hour later stuck him twice and got ... slightly more than nothing. But still not enough to run the test on. So, now we're waiting for stick number five for today and praying (PRAYING!!!!) that they can get some blood and be done.

It is seriously the most pitiful thing I've ever seen. He's sobbing and between cries says "It almost done? It almost done? Then it will be all over?!" Breaks my heart - and that of the nurse too. Didn't seem to slow down the phlebotemist. Sadistic old bag that she is.

Our home-going depends on this test. If it's over 2.0, we could at least take him with us to RMH for a couple of days. If it's not, we're still held hostage here for a bit longer. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

So sorry for all that the three of you have been through and continue to go through. your recounting of the sticking is so heart breaking for him and for you to have to watch him go through it. When I was little EVERY time I had to get a shot I would pass out...from fear... after numerous years, two deliveries and one C-section I have kinda gotten over it.

Know that many people are still praying for all of you!


Libby Barnes said...

You sound oh, so close - it's exciting knowing what's in the near future for all of you! Even staying together at RMH will be huge treat and one step closer to NC. I'm so sorry Jay is having to be stuck so many times - sounds like it's just as difficult to watch as it is for him. Hope you can feel the hugs coming your way for making it through a little bit more.....and then it will be a memory.
Know that we continue to think of you all.

Laura said...

Give me patience, Lord, but hurry!

LY, Lala

Anonymous said...

Praying for a good number. Breaks my heart to think of Jay having so many sticks and how hard it is for you guys.
Your OSFA family misses you.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for high numbers and that highway home...and strength to get you through these days of waiting.

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

COME ON 2.0!!!! (Or better yet 2.5-3.5) I will send you high-numbers-thoughts and lots of prayers that 5th time is a charm. Poor little guy.

Emily Erin said...

Thanks for the shout out to the students on AW-- it made me grin. I'm so sorry that numbers are taking their time rising, but I pray that soon Jay will be able to go to RMH and then home... Continued prayers for all the Fosters, and OMG, Luke is SO STINKIN' CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Jay. I can do nothing but sympathize with him. I must say, no offense to phlebotemists, but I've only met one I liked. Lucky for me I get to see her twice a year. I would send her right up there for Jay if I could. Sounds like you have a real trooper on your hands. You have to admire and love a kid like that. I'll have to show this post to mine. He freaks over the thought of a shot. Praying for the solid B and earning a trip south for the winter.

Sush said...

C'mon Big Numbers....BIG NUMBERS!!!
Hope you all get the numbers you need. When Tim was a tad younger than Jay and needed an IV he told the Dr who was putting the IV into his arm he was a NEWWARRRD. I'm thinking the same of the phlebotemist and maybe Jay has one of his own!
Love and prayers to all of you!

Cara Lynn said...

I had a friend who in her late 50's learned that she should have been injecting insulin for several years. When the nurses were teaching her to practice injections on an orange, she asked why she couldn't just inject the orange and then eat IT.
I'm praying for higher numbers and for a treatment soon that will be oral for Jay.
I heard today on NPR about the flack in Philly about bloggers having to pay a tax to the city as business owners--another reason to head south as soon as possible...but if you need us to start a telethon to keep you "on the screen" just let us know.
You are loved,
Cara Lynn (for myself, Jamie and Jesse)

P's mom said...

Had a wonderful dream about your homecoming last night! Everyone was so happy to see you and you were to happy to see everyone and be back home! Jay looked great and was thrilled to be home!