Friday, September 10, 2010

Sing us a song, you're the piano man...

Sing us a song tonight
Well we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright
-Billy Joel, Piano Man

Hi folks - Luke here. Everybody else in the fam has gotten to write on this blog, and I've finally convinced mom to give me a turn. (Jay hasn't written in a while, but he's been pretty preoccupied lately.)

I got to tell y'all, this Ronald McDonald House is the place for me. Seriously, people here adore me. The RMH volunteers all come to visit me and ooh and ahh over how cute I am. They make lots of comments about my sticky-up hair ... something about a mohawk? I dunno - my hair just does this. Most days, I hang out in this super cool playroom and play the piano. WITH MY FEET! My mom seems surprised at my talent, but really, it isn't too hard. Check me out:

You can't see it too well, but there's a microphone on the side. And boy can I sing! In fact, I can get the entire microphone in my mouth and can still sing around it. I have a pretty big mouth. Mom says I got it from all that grinning I do. I'm a pretty happy guy, what can I say? Of course all that time I spend with my mouth wide open and smiling also means that I do a fair amount of drooling. People keep asking if I'm cutting teeth (not sure what teeth are, but mom says I'm not cutting them). Mom and these rotating grandmothers pretty much keep a bib on me as a fashion accessory because I do like to soak things with my drool.

I really like to eat here, too. When we left Raleigh, I was just eating a little bit of baby cereal. I mean, it's cool to get something other than milk now & again, but that stuff tastes and smells like wet cardboard. I eat it, cause I pretty much eat anything. But it's not my favorite. My favorite is Mangoes! And bananas! And green beans! And peaches! And carrots! And sweet potatoes! I pretty much love it all. Oh, I'm getting excited just thinking about food - and thinking about it makes me drool, too.

I'm really a rock and roll kinda guy. I can roll over both ways, and now mom finds me on my tummy most mornings. I keep telling her that she doesn't sleep on her back, so why should I? And I can sit up for a bit, too. The world is far more interesting when there's something to look at other than the ceiling. I sometimes crash over when I've been sitting too long, but they usually have a pillow or blanket nearby to cushion my fall. And to catch my puddles of drool.

But the thing I like best about being here is that I almost never have to sleep in my bed. See, I'm having such a good time that I've started getting up about 1:00 a.m. every night to see if I'm missing out on any fun activities. Mom says I should be sleeping, but I'd rather not. Night time is party time!! So, to get me back to sleep, she gives me milk. And rocks me. Then, she lets me sleep in her arms, or sometimes even in the bed with her. She says these are bad habits to be starting, but she gives in because she doesn't want me to wake up the entire RMH. She says going back to Raleigh will mean "baby boot camp". And that sounds like I'll be sleeping in my own room & my own bed again. I'm not too excited about that, 'cause a boy could get used to this rocking chair.

So while I'm not too excited about that part of going home, I am missing all my friends at church and at school. I hear lots of y'all have been praying for me too, and I'm glad. You know, sometimes we second kids get kinda forgotten, especially when our big brothers need lots of remembering. But there's no forgetting this big grin!


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, you are quite the writer! If you're playing the piano with your feet, that must mean that you'll be playing the organ any day now. Look out Mrs. Jolly! You could be taking over her job in big church!

I'm glad to know you are doing so well. Say hi to your Mom and Dad and big brother Jay. We can't wait for y'all to get back home. Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours, kiddo!

Miss Mary Alice

blair said...

My goodness, that sight made my day! Thanks, Luke:)


Anonymous said...

Luke, we can't wait to cuddle with you at church and let you show off your new tricks of rolling over BOTH ways and sitting up some with your girlfriends, CD and CD. (Imagine that! They have the same initials!!!)Mr. J needs you to keep him company with all those girls in our baby room!!! We love ya, drool and all! Ms. Lynn and family

Anonymous said...

I am missing my happy boy with his sunshine smile and all his drool. I'm also missing the sweet cuddles rocking him to sleep. I have to confess to some of that grandmother spoiling. I am also happy for Jay's improvement and look forward to all of you being home soon. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke,
I'm so glad your Mom let you talk to us and tell us about your time at RMH! You sound like such a happy child and a great little brother! We are so proud of all of you! Just keep smiling and I know all of you will be home soon!
Take care,
Pat Miller Evans

Beth said...

Luke - Gabby here. You probably remember me - you slimed me a couple of times this summer, most notably when I was trying to keep your older brother from taking off his diaper in the yard because it had gotten wet in the wading pool and now weighed 12 pounds. I was amazed at the ooze you produced - it was really like something out of Ghostbusters. I almost called you "Lube" but "Juicy Luke" just fit you a little better. And don't worry, your brother did not break any decency laws and I managed not to drop you, but you did slide down my hip and onto my leg. It was a pretty cool trick. I realized that juggling toddlers/babies is like riding a bike - you really just never forget how to do it.

So smile away, little one. We have a lot to be happy about these days. And by the way, you look like you are playing the organ in the top pic - that is quickly becoming a lost art, so keep up the practice. You will be employable. Not that I'm planning your life or anything. I'll wait until you get teeth first.

Love, Gabby

ANAPatterson said...

Luke you are such a doll and we miss you and your mommy and daddy and brother Jay. Thanks for being so wonderfuland such a good little man. We al lcant wait to have you all back in Raleigh and looking forward to seeing you in Church.

C said...

Hey Luke,
Josh here. With your talent on the keyboard and mine on the drums we're practically a band. Lets get together soon and jam!

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Luke, your smile is adorable and made me smile today. I am glad you enjoy the RMH! We can't wait for you and your family to be able to come home.
Wendy S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the cheeze doodle post!!!! Can't wait to see all his new tricks, LOVE the new pics. Hurry home.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! Corrine can't wait to see Luke.

Bob & Dee

Anonymous said...

Hope I get to play with you soon in Extended Session! We miss you and your bro!

Barbara Huggins

Anonymous said...

Aww, little Luke. Such a sweetie. Can't wait to see you guys sometime soon.

TOJ said...

Luke, you're cute...even when you're partying like a rock star into the wee hours of the night!

Anonymous said...

It was good the hear from you Luke. The classroom is so different now. You will not recognize it when you come back. All your friends ask about you all the time. We have been sharing you "orb of power." Speaking of not recognizing.... I hardly knew it was you. Except for you bright smile!!!!!! Keep cheering for Jay BC every one here is.
Ms. Samantha and the ncsu bright horizons crew

Anonymous said...

To Luke from Caroline:

Hey Luke! We miss you at church. Dad says I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until I'm 30, but I really dig your crazy hair and your big smile. Come back soon!

Love, Caroline Davis

PS -- Don't try eating spinach. It's gross.

Cara Lynn said...

Hey Luke,
Jesse here...just thought you ought to know that while there's been a lot of talk about Jay these days, no one would ever think about forgetting you. Glad you seem to be feeling better.
I'll try to remind my mom to check for some of my bibs--I didn't use them too much until "teeth". While those things aren't too much fun when they come in, they sure do open up all kinds of new opportunities for eating--"trees" are the best!!
Speaking of eating, there was a bug fest here in Raleigh this weekend and I saw video of people EATING bugs...think that's why mom just wanted to come home after cleaning up the church today.
Don't get too attached to getting up during the night--moms really work hard together to find ways to limit that fun--my mom found that lullabies all night long on my ipod work well--I'll be glad to share.
Keep on Rollin' along,

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! That has got to be the happiest smile. Through all you guys are going through, how wonderful to see that. I am sure we will see a big smile from Jay soon.
:) back at you, Luke.
Aunt Ali

Heather said...

So stinkin cute! When you guys get back, we have to get Luke and Wesley together for a jam session. Maybe we have the next NKOTB!?!?!? We love and miss you guys bunches! Praying for ya'll everyday!

Team Godwin

Anonymous said...

Hey Fosters! So glad to see such upbeat posts! Still thinking about ya'll and praying for continued healing and a return home SOON! Take good care, The Underwoods

Popper said...

Hey Luke!

Keep on rocking in the piano stand with Ronald McDonald. But try to confine your rocking to the daylight hours. Your middle-of-the-night rocking & wailing jam sessions are just about to wear out your Mom and AJ. They are pretty close to sending you back to Raleigh for me and Lala to handle. And I am afraid they may ship you by FedEx overnight!



Brandi G. said...

Great write-up,! That was an awesome way to update us on what you've been up to all this time. A month away from home is a significant percentage of your life thus far. Don't get too used to it, cuz soon you'll be back home in Raleigh and they'll put you back to work, mowing the lawn or whatever it is you do there. ;-) Hmmm, maybe your drooling powers could be harnessed for good and you could WATER the lawn! Please go easy on your mom & dad because they are awesome people who really need some rest and relaxation right now. Keep smiling, no matter what, cuz you are just so cute!!

Rebecca S. said...

FINALLY getting to catch up on your blog. This no internet at home thing is for the birds!!

I am so happy to see that sweet little Luke. Looks like he is having a good ole time and becoming quite the musician. Glad to hear that Jay is doing more and more things and continuing to get better. Yay!

As for random stories to divert your attention, here goes:
Eddie left this past Thursday for his annual away-NC-State-football-game-guys-weekend and made the return trip home on Saturday before the game even started in Florida. Ella got her Bible this morning in church along with all the other 1st graders and she REALLY wanted him to be there. So, he skipped the game, drove 6.5 hours home alone and was sitting in the pew on Sunday morning. He is 2nd in line for daddy of the year, right behind Derek. Ella was telling people that he came all the way home for her and it's because he loves her more than NC State football. ;)

Hope to see you all SOOOOOON!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG...I can NOT wait to see that smile in person!
Samantha has lots of bibs with your name on them and Teri is ready to serve you up some new tasty treats. You have new friends to get to know and some old ones to catch up with. We miss you and your family so much but we know you are right where you need to be. Keep smiling and cheering that brother on for us!!
Stephanie and your family at Bright Horizons at NCSU