Friday, September 3, 2010

We count only blue cars...

...skip the cracks in the street
and ask many questions
like children often do
-Dishwalla, Counting Blue Cars

One of Jay's favorite activities when we get home from work/daycare is to sit on our front stoop and survey the front yard. He'll say "Let's watch some cars go by," which is actually pretty amusing because we live on a dead-end street with only a couple houses beyond ours. So unless we're the first ones home from work (which we usually aren't) then there really aren't many cars going by for us to watch. But one of us will typically sit there for a few minutes with both boys since that allows the other one of us a good 15 minutes to get dinner started without little fingers who want to participate.

But we've found a great new spot here in the hospital to "watch some cars go by." There's a big glass window area between the CICU and CCU, and you can see all the downtown Philly traffic whizzing by the hospital. Yesterday, Derek and Jay even saw me whiz by on my way to the parking lot (though Derek didn't point it out as me just in case it was some other CRV going by!). But they have been pointing out the buses, taxis, ambulances and all different kinds of cars they see. Both yesterday and today they have been hanging out there when I arrived, and it's so reassuring to see him outside of his room. Good stuff.

It was another fantastic day in physical therapy - he WALKED all the way from our room to the PT exercise lab. It's probably 20-30 yards? I dunno - I'm a terrible judge of distance. But it's a good long way for someone who walked only a few steps yesterday and couldn't even bear any weight on his legs the day before. We retrieved his crocs from RMH, so he was pretty excited to get to wear his own shoes. (Given my love of all shoes, of course I'm going to attribute this new success to the new & improved footwear.)

(Seriously, could you stand on toothpicks like that for legs?! He's gonna hate me for that pic someday.)

His voice continues to get stronger, though it is still quite weak. He's tried to talk on the phone, but you just can't hear him on the other end. Not much improvement in the eating department, either. He's all about the thickened liquids, but he's having trouble swallowing anything thin and isn't much interested in eating anything else. Except broccoli. Seriously - what kid prefers broccoli to mac & cheese, ice cream, or hamburgers? A kid on coumadin who really shouldn't eat much broccoli - that's who! LaLa says he just needs some vienna sausages ... again, not sure what the cardiologists would say about that, but we gotta get some calories from somewhere if we're ever going to get this feeding tube out.

So, as you enjoy your Labor Day cookout burgers & dogs this weekend, think hungry thoughts for us and hope he starts getting back to the good eater we all know & love.


P's mom said...

Looks like Jay is ready for football season! Ready to show them how it's done!! Go Jay!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news all around! :-) Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you!

Ashley B.
Undergraduate Admissions

Popper said...

Hey Jay!

I am bringing my Crocs when I come to see you this weekend. And we are going to have a skinny legs footwear contest! Then we are going to walk all over that hospital. Keep up the great work, and I'll see you very soon.

I love you, buddy.


Mindy Marshall said...

So glad to hear that Jay is making such super progress. Thinking of you all this holiday weekend. Hope you're able to return home sooner rather than later. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all this good news! Tell Jay hey for me and please know that I'm pulling for you and Derek and gradparents, too. Even with all the good news, I imagine the trips back and forth to CHOPS and missing your sweet Luke during the day is getting pretty old. You are on our minds and in our prayers, and we're hoping each days brings you closer to home.

Lynn and Scott

ann Lawrance said...

Makes me think about watching for the trash truck with Jay on Wednesday mornings--can't wait to do that again soon--tell him Annie sends hugs!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

It makes me all giddy to see Jay walking. I think little sausages or meat sticks are a great idea! So I am with LaLa. We hope you all can come home soon.

Dee & Bob

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love good news! I am so excited for you all and especially proud of Jay. What a strong little boy! His progress is truly remarkable. Continuing to pray for all of you and looking forward to seeing you back in Raleigh.
Love and hugs,
Rebecca S.

ANAPatterson said...

Yeah Jay! Love the Blue crocs! I know it is hard with the eating but if it helps when my dad had his triple bypass in June they told him that after that type of surgery it takes a while for folks to get their appetite back and want to eat foods they use too. Try some frozen berries that are cold and have texture and sweetness maybe strawberries or blueberries that he can grab in his little hands but have patience. It will come. Thinking happy hungry thoughts. Hugs and love!
The Pattersons

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sight! Just warms my heart to see him standing there knowing how long and far the journey has been. Thank you Lord - may you continue to richly bless this family. Dora

Emily Erin said...

Glad to see him walking and thinking lots of hungry thoughts about fattening food in his honor... Sending love and prayers from here!

Anonymous said...

Those little toothpick legs up and walking is a BEAUTIFUL sight, although I would agree that Jay will probably not think so in 14 years ;-) I know you are so happy that things are progressing so well. Can't wait for the latest update. I hope the good news just continues to keep coming from CHOP, so much so that they send y'all home!

blair said...

I tried to comment this weekend but had some computer issues. Another beautiful sight and so thankful to hearing of all the progress. Continuing to pray for all of you.