Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ain't goin' down til' the sun comes up!

Thursday Mar 13, 2008

Ain't goin' down til' the sun comes up!

Hi everyone! My name is Jay, and mom and dad decided to give me a chance to write. So, I thought I'd describe my morning for you so you can have an idea of what a zoo it is around here.

6:00 - Mom & Dad wake me up for breakfast. I personally thought it was too early to nurse, but they gave me a bottle and that was yummy.

6:15 - Nurse came in to take my blood pressure - AGAIN. I wouldn't whine so much if that cuff wasn't so stinkin' tight.

6:45 - Guy comes in to get a chest x-ray to see if they can take out this drainage tube. I'm sick of this thing!

7:02 - Med student came in again to listen to my heart. Yup, still ticking away.

7:05 - Dropped the biggest, greenest poop of my life. Keep in mind, my life has only been 7 days, but still, I was proud of myself.

7:12 - Surgery fellow came by. He's waiting for the x-ray to be done, but wants to take out that chest tube.

7:19 - X-ray must have shown no more fluid. (I'd have told him if he would just ask me!) Out with the tube, but yowza did that hurt!

7:25 - Nurse came in with some grape-flavored Tylenol. Yum - dessert!

7:34 - Blood guy came by to stick me in the heel - AGAIN. Good thing I don't have to walk anytime soon.

7:39 - Resident and Intern came by to check on me.

7:42 - Yet another chest x-ray to see if fluid accumulated since they took out the drainage tube.

8:20 - I'm giving mom the hungry signs, so she gave me more milk. That stuff is GOOOOOD! Wish they would have let me eat a little earlier in my life.

8:29 - Off to the echocardiogram room. They even let Dad tag along. The best part - I got to ride the elevator!

So - what did YOU do this morning?


What a morning you had! I keep asking mom when I can see and talk to you. Mom has been kind of sick the last couple of days. She is thinking that it is just allergies, but doesn't want to bring anything "yucky" to you. My morning doesn't compare, I was stuck in my carseat while mom ran a few errands. I did get a balloon at the grocery store, though. Off to take a nap, now! Hang in there.

Posted by Tyler Jones on March 13, 2008 at 02:04 PM EDT #

Jay, we're so glad to hear that you've already learned to type...and what a great sense of humor. We can't wait to see what gems you come up with when you aren't just 2 days out from heart surgery. Sounds like you are being treated like a little rock star, with all that fanfare!!!!!
Keep of the good work, everyone!!!!!!

Posted by The Bellizzis on March 13, 2008 at 03:14 PM EDT #

We knew with parents like yours, you were sure to be a whiz kid. You have already surpassed our expectations. Keep up the good work and sense of humor. Just wait until you meet all of Daddies furry friends. They are lots more fun than anyone in a white coat. We're still praying for you to come home and get the all clear.

Posted by Ginger Graves on March 13, 2008 at 04:01 PM EDT #

Jay, I am so glad that you are in charge! Now that you are doing so much better, please keep up the updates. I look forward to your blogs more than I do TMZ and Perez Hilton! Give extra baby slobbery kisses to your mom and dad-they have been very worried about you. Take care of them and get out of that hospital as fast as you can.

Posted by crystal mullins on March 13, 2008 at 04:53 PM EDT #

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