Monday, March 3, 2008

And still the wait continues...

Monday Mar 03, 2008

First, let me start by saying that the baby is still NOT here. Derek and I have considered changing the way we answer the phone from "Hello" to "No, we haven't had the baby yet." :-)
I'm kidding - we could not be more grateful for all of the support of friends who have helped to keep us (particularly ME!) distracted during the past week or so. I've had dinner with my girlfriends and their kids, my mom gave up her tickets to the NC State basketball game so we could go, my scrapbooking gals helped drag me out of the house when I was feeling like moping on the couch, friends invited us to an impromptu dinner party/Wii playing party, and my folks brought us dinner last night. I simply cannot tell all of you how important those little things are. And the phone calls/emails from friends and family around the country have been so comforting - it's really amazing to know that so many people are as excited about this blessed event as we are.

I've learned that keeping busy is the only way I have of keeping my sanity. While a friend has given me permission to spend a little time "wallering" in self-pity that this baby is past-due, I know that can only lead to more moping and "wallering." I am trusting that Torquil WILL eventually be born! Until then, anybody want to go out for ice cream?

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