Monday, March 31, 2008

He's a chunky monkey!

Monday Mar 31, 2008

He's a chunky monkey!

Okay, so I ran out of music lyrics. I couldn't think of any song lyrics relating to the topic except Weird Al Yankovick's "I'm Fat," and I already promised that I would avoid any more Weird Al songs. Why is it that his songs just seem to fit so well? Maybe it's because he and Jay have the same maturity level... who knows.

We have exciting news!! Jay went to the pediatrician today and he weighs a whopping 10 pounds 7 oz.! Yes, that means he's regained his birthweight and put on some extra. Feeding went really well over the weekend. He's pretty consistently getting 3 oz. per feeding, and thanks to the greatest lactation consultant on the planet, he's also attempting to breastfeed as well. (Thank you Moira!) While he's not getting enough to sustain him on breastfeeding exclusively, when you add the bottles that he's getting to the nursing, he's really eating like a champ. (Knock on wood that it lasts!) We go back again next Monday, so we'll have a better idea how well he's keeping that weight on.

Today is the first day that Jay and I are totally on our own, and I must say that I'm pretty proud of myself that I got him up and dressed, along with getting myself up and dressed (with a shower, no less!), and to the pediatrician by 10 a.m. So, maybe I can do this baby thing! He's sitting here beside me in the swing he borrowed from his good buddy Preston, and he is LOVING it. (Many thanks, Bethany! This thing rocks - literally!) My mom kept telling us that the bouncy seat was not enough and that we needed to get a swing - and she was right. (Yes, I was wrong and Mom was right - hard to admit, but sometimes it's true.)

Happy Monday, everyone!


I must say Jen, you are already doing better than me on most days! I am so happy things are going good with nursing and feeding in general.

Posted by Marcy McWhorter on March 31, 2008 at 06:38 PM EDT #

That's awesome! I'm so glad Jay likes the swing!!

Posted by Bethany Watkins on April 04, 2008 at 05:25 PM EDT #

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