Friday, November 5, 2010

Here we've only got one rule...

...never ever let it cool
keep it cooking in the pot
then you've got
hot choc-o-lat
-Hot Chocolate, The Polar Express movie

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving, Day #5
Today, I'm thankful for hot chocolate on a cold night. I'm sitting on my couch, curled up in my PJ pants, enjoying a hot cuppa decaf coffee mixed with hot chocolate mix. It's no Starbucks mocha, but it's just as good to me.

We all need a little quiet time to ourselves, and tonite I've got it. Time to recharge my batteries. Derek's at a dinner for work, the boys are snug in their beds, and I'm curled up under an afghan on the couch with my warm mini-mocha. Life is good.


Sush said...

Sounds heavenly...I could be grateful for that!
Enjoy your solitude whilst you can~

Mindy Marshall said...

Mmmmm, we cheated on our healthy-eating regimen and enjoyed Starbucks hot chocolate tonight. We're having such an unusually mild fall that we were actually able to sit outside tonight at 7pm with no jackets. Love it!