Saturday, November 20, 2010

We're the red & white from State...

and we know we are the best
hands behind our backs we can take on all the rest
come over the hill Caroline
Devils & Deacs stand in line
We're the red & the white from NC State

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving # 20 - My beloved Wolfpack.

I'm grateful that I made the decision to attend NC State, in spite of the fact that it was too close to home, too familiar, and my mom worked there (and still does!). I've grown up a Wolfpack fan, and I'm proud to say that I've been a lifelong State fan through good times and bad. And I am just stoked over our football win today - fantastic game for both teams.

But more than loving NC State Athletics, I love what NC State is. I love the bricks. I love the bell tower. I love our agricultural roots. I love that we have cows with a hole in their sides(fistulated steers). I love the way high-tech, modern buildings sit beside historic, traditional halls. I love State people. I'm grateful that I became one of them when I moved into Sullivan Hall 15 years ago, and I'm grateful my job allows me to continue to be part of the Pack.

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