Thursday, November 18, 2010

So fly me...

--Drivin' N Cryin', "Fly Me Courageous"

30 days of Thanksgiving #18--Jay is no longer scared to get his blood drawn.

Since Jen's passed out on the couch with an empty bottle of wine in her hand, I'm posting for her tonight. Jay is still getting blood drawn every 1-2 weeks to monitor his coumadin dose, and today it was my turn to take him to the lab. It has been several weeks since I had taken him, and at that time it was quite an ordeal--lots of crying and a good bit of wrestling too. At the time, that was an improvement because if you remember when we were in the hospital, he would get so upset over blood draws that he often lost his breakfast.

But today, he was excited to go. All the people there (all 3 of them) know him by name, and they are so happy to see him. Guess they get tired of just sticking old people. He sat patiently in the lobby until it was his turn, and then Tim the phlebotomist came to get him. Jay happily walked back to the chair, sat down on my lap, and held out his arm. No screaming, no crying, no wrestling. He did let out a big sigh when it was over, but otherwise, you couldn't even tell he was worried in the least.

So we're thankful that Jay has gotten used to getting his blood drawn. Now if we can just get him to start chewing up his coumadin...

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Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of that brave little boy - and proud of his parents too!! What a lot we all have to be thankful for this year!!! Love, AJ