Friday, August 20, 2010

Fever in the morning...

Fever all through the night.
--Elvis Presley, "Fever"

So a couple folks asked about Jay's fever - we're happy to report that it has gone away and hasn't returned since about 6pm yesterday. (Sorry the title is misleading, but there aren't many songs about NOT having a fever.) The docs never did have a good reason for it. There weren't any changes in his bloodwork to indicate an infection, and all his blood cultures were negative. He has had some gunk in his lungs that has been a bit concerning, but it never has looked like pneumonia on his x-rays. Whatever it is, it seems to be getting better as well. He has been on antibiotics just in case, but it looks like they are going to be able stop those shortly.

As mentioned this morning, today the docs have tweaked his epinephrine down. This is given to help his heart squeeze stronger, and so far his blood pressure has been fine with the reduced dose. Overnight, they will probably keep dropping the dose and see how he does.

He has slept all day, and it looks like they have found the right balance of morphine and sedatives to keep him in his happy place. So overall, no big news to report, and that is a good thing right now. The next step will be getting off the ventilator, but that probably won't happen for a couple more days. It is good to be the patient that doesn't get all the docs' attention, and we're going to try to stay that way for a little while.


gwynn said...

I continue to talk with Ann Lawrance (my sister in law), and continue to read your blog everyday. Just know Jay has found a special place in our hearts, even though we don't even know him!!! You are amazing!!! Much care, thoughts and prayers!!!

Amanda Thwing said...

We are so happy for the progress that Jay has made. We continue to send him positive thoughts. Keep letting him know of all the people supporting him!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful not to hear negative things. I will continue to pray for each of you daily. Just relax and feel the angel's arms around you..

Rebecca said...

Hey--I went back to work today and couldn't check your blog every 30 minutes as usual!!! Finally catching up tonight and SO glad to see that Jay is continuing to improve. Loved the shout out to the pharmacist in the last post too!
We continue to have you on our minds all the time and are praying for you all x4.
The Sassers

Libby Barnes said...

Great news, Jen. Your little guy has come a long way and there's a huge crowd cheering him on....and his folks. :)

jessica said...

Jen, These all sound like very good updates! Remember even baby steps are huge for little Jay at this point and around a hospital "no big news to report" is great! Still praying for you and your family. Hope to keep hearing the positive updates! Jessica

Anonymous said...

Good morning, and I hope it is for ya'll. I woke this morning feeling a bit nauseous (nothing serious-I sometimes do when my stomach is empty) but in feeling that way, it reminded me of when I had surgery umpteen years ago. Coming off the anesthesia made me feel nauseous. I would try to remove the oxygen mask while yet in the anesthesia stupor (no comments Dennis), because something about that smell was making me sick. I thought something like that might be bothering Jay, yet how would a 2 year old tell you that. I don't know Jay's personality to know how he would handle such situations, but you might be surprised to know I was quite cranky, too, coming off that med (I think I was only on the Morphine- weeeeee). All I wanted to do was sleep and was mad when they kept trying to wake me up.
I thought that maybe what someone else went through might help you understand what Jay might be going through.
Love and prayers,
Aunt Ali

Anonymous said...

We're continuing to hold you in our prayers and give thanks for the steps Jay is making -- steady blood pressure, ability to have meds tweaked and still remain stable, pain management (though that took some time), and even his tears -- b/c that means he misses you, too.

We also give thanks for your humor and the release that provides.

Lynn, Scott, and family

Wendy said...

Jen and Derek,
You all and Jay have been in mine and Andy's prayers through this entire event. I am so glad to hear he is making progress. We will continue to pray for you all!
Wendy S.

Anonymous said...

Each day your blog sounds better. I pray for Jay and for you.

Barbara Huggins

Anonymous said...


You scared me with that title. We are still praying for you. Glad that Jay's fever is gone.

Bob & Dee

Brandi said...

Awesome stuff, Jen!
I laughed out loud at the part about there not being many songs about NOT having a fever. You're a great writer anyway, but especially when you can make me laugh in the midst of all that's going on there. Keep that great sense of humor up, it is certainly the best thing you can do for yourself, I'm sure! (And sleep.)