Monday, August 30, 2010

movin' on up...

to the east side!
To deluxe apartment in the sky!
-Theme from "The Jeffersons"

Greetings from 6East .. the Cardiac Care Unit! (Note there's no "intensive" in the name - wahoo!) We have moved to step down, and we're happily getting settled into our new digs. Sorry we didn't give you any advance notice about this major change. Oh, wait - that's because we didn't know ourselves until today. We had a hint that he was one of the healthier kids in the CICU, but they didn't give us the A-OK to head to step down until about 15 minutes before they were ready to move him. And then, it took 6 nurses (no stretch - it really took six of them!) to help me load up all the cards, pictures, and door decor; the piles of forbidden snack food we had surreptitiously hidden under the bed; the books and toys we'd spread over every flat surface in the room. It was quite a scene we made as we trekked over from the west side to the east side with our stuff overflowing the little red wagon Jay's been riding in.

But we're now busy figuring out how things work on the good side of the hall - how to order Jay's own meals, finding the secret stash of cookies in the nourishment room, how to call the nurse. It's SO much quieter around here - they have a different monitor, and its beeps are far less scary-sounding than the ICU beeps. Or maybe that's just my imagination...

Here's the view out our room - these cool colored glass panels cover the whole front of the hospital, and our room looks right through them. It's gorgeous.

One thing that is louder is the Life Flight helicopter. You can actually hear it coming and going now as it lands on the roof of the CICU unit. (Apparently the staff elevator actually goes right up to the helipad!) Jay will love to hear it if he ever decides to wake up from his coma ... er, morphine-induced nap. Seriously, it's just a nap - but it's a really good one.

And, in the "Things the Fosters REALLY Didn't Need Right Now" department, we're down one pair of hands. Derek woke up at 3 a.m. last night with a seriously upset stomach (fan-freakin-tastic timing, right?!), and we decided to quarantine him. Because the Ronald McDonald House does not allow sick people there (understandably, since they see so many immune-compromised kids/families), he got the boot from there too. One stomach bug, and poor fella is suddenly homeless and no one is willing to come within 6 feet of him! But RMH gave us a discount voucher at the Sheraton down the road, and I took advantage of Jay's naptime to shuttle him from one venue to the other. He's currently getting settled into his new digs, and hopefully he can sleep it off in a day or so.

So, while I don't want anyone to stop praying for Jay's continued healing, would you mind sending some good thoughts for Derek too? If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. And someday, we'll look back on this whole time with a big hearty chuckle.


Sush said...

Well that's just NOT RIGHT!!! Derek's news that is. Jay's on the other hand is WONDERFUL NEWS! And he gets to hear the helicopter...way cool for the Jay Man! Now if Mom can just keep her groceries down...that's what I'm praying for!
Great news...lots more prayers on the way!

ANAPatterson said...

AWESOME glad you guys are moving up to the East Side. I hope he continues to get stronger and we keep heatring good things. I hope Derek is feeling better soon. I know thats rough. You are all in our thoughtsand prayers. I hope everyone gets better quick and Jen and Luke dont get the tummy bug. Hugs and Love from NC.

The Pattersons
Phil 4:13

Anonymous said...

The Step Down unit means stepping up as far as we're all concerned!!!Yea, Jay! Looks like all the extra helpin' hands left a day too soon - poor Derek and poor you but This Too Shall Pass (one end or the other! HA HA!) Wish I were there to help - but meanwhile, what a great view from the window and helicopter noise to boot - Jay will be thrilled!! LYTB, AJ

Ann Lawrance said...

Great news about Jay
Hope Derek gets straightened out soon
I keep praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I totally called that song for today! I was singing it before I opened the blog! ;-) We are so excited for Jay and hope this is a very quick 24-hour (or maybe only 2.4 hour) bug that Derek has. And you are right, if we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. Let's hope that laughing part comes quick.

Popper said...

Great news Bug! Give Jay a big hug from me, and tell him we can watch for helicopters when I get back to Philly. And send Derek a big hug (from a safe distance, of course!) At least he finally has a good soft bed to sleep in. Now that you have recalled some Jimmy Buffett lyrics, we just neet to teach Jay the "Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right" wave. LYTB, Popper

Anonymous said...

Oh Derek, all that taken care of others wore you out. We're praying for you too. That way you can start taken care of others again.

Jay you are in a big boy room now. We are so proud of you. Best wishes to everyone. I bet Jay likes this food a lot better.

Dee and Bob

Amy said...

Way to go, Jay!!!!! So sorry for Derek. Tummy bugs are usually pretty quick, though, right? Lots of hugs to all of you.

C said...

YAY! We are so glad that Jay has moved to the step down room! HOORAY!!! Hope Derek feels better soon! Big hugs from us and slobbery kisses from Josh :)

LOVE the song! It'll be in my head for the rest of the night! Whoop! Whoop!

Becky said...

Awesome news! except for the part about Derek. We'll add Derek's healing to the prayers.

Anonymous said...

Just as you're settled in one room, they make you pack up everything and move to the other side. What a fabulous job to tackle! It's terrible that Derek couldn't enjoy this milestone day with you. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Now that is a song I remember! It's great to hear the news about Jay, and what a beautiful view you have out of his window. Too bad it's not good news for everyone. I'm so sorry for Derek (how unbelievably crummy!) and will pray that he gets well soon -- for everyone's sake.

Lynn Marshbanks

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for Jay's big step down. I'm sure you are not missing the scarier peeps and alarms. I hope this makes you laugh. My cousin, a freshman at NCSU, just complained about the fire alarms going off in the middle of the night. The traditions continue. Prayers continue for all of you. I hope Derek gives up his new abode quickly and returns to help you. Love to all of you. Peace be with you.

Emily Erin said...

So happy to hear that Jay's 'graduated' to the cardiac unit! I'm SO SORRY that Derek is now sick; I hope that it's over quickly, but it makes the yuck that Jay got earlier look less like withdrawal problems and more like a stomach bug. Keep washing hands and taking care of YOURSELF Jen! Praying hard for everyone from here!

Anonymous said...

We'll be keeping Derek in our prayers for a speedy recovery! Awesome news for Jay!! We celebrate with you.
Oie and Becky

Anonymous said...

Jen-I sent e-mail to your ncsu account with the name of a couple nurses in the area (one being my sister). She is also offering baby sitting, treating Derek if he's still sick and anything else ya'll might need. She's about an hour from you. Glad to hear you've moved; continuing prayers!
Dawn L

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news that Jay is getting better every day! We are praying for you all.
Dana and Mark Etheridge