Sunday, August 29, 2010

I get knocked down...

...but I get up again
you're never gonna keep me down!
-Chumbawumba, Tubthumping

Yesterday was a fantastic day, and in the way that all good roller coasters do, every high peak is followed by a bit of a valley. Apparently all the up & moving around + getting more food in the belly + switching to oral meds + ongoing lack of poopage (sorry, TMI!) = not feeling so good in the tummy. Jay's poor belly is seriously swollen, and let's just say that he had upset tummy from both directions. Between the time our poor nurse, C, came on duty at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., Jay's sheets were changed 3 times. You know that girl was wishing a little of the puking and pooping had come on day shift! It was pretty clear that the upset tummy made for an upset Jay - he felt pretty cruddy. But we put on some soothing music and he eventually drifted off. He had another middle of the night episode, but they cut his feeds in half and decided to give his oral medications very slowly. So he did get some rest during the night and is currently still sleeping.

I have to give a shout-out to my dear friends M. and A. for suggesting the blog intro song. It was one of my favorite one-hit-wonders from my college days. And while it's mostly about not letting a hangover get to you, I'm embracing the attitude - I'm not going to let one minor setback bring me into a funk. When we have a down day, we're going to get up again and wait for the next good day.

Today, we're also saying goodbye to my dad, AJ, and Granna as they head back to NC. My mom (LaLa) is going to be on Luke-duty this week at RMH, and she's super-stoked about getting to spend so much time with that toothless grin. (Let's just hope he stops showing his less-cute side at 4 a.m.!) We have really enjoyed their all-too-brief weekend visit - but, hey, they picked a great time to be here.


Anonymous said...

At 0 comments, maybe I am the first to post this morning. I have had home church, so maybe I am beating the church crowd. Home church is up at 6:45 am to listen to Turning Point with Dr. Jeremiah at 7 am, then Colonial Baptist via a media player on the computer (9:30 and 11:00 services on-line). Sorry the nurses were busy cleaning up things last night, but, to look on the brighter side, his digestive system was making progress. The medications really play havoc on a digestive system and can make anyone uncomfortable. This too shall pass (in more ways than one). Prayers for safety for the going home crowd, you and Derek, Jay, and Luke and your Mom.
Aunt Ali

Beth said...

I worshiped on (not at) the Altar of St. Serta this morning, and now have "that song" on my mind for penance. I am pretty sure that the words were not "pooping the night away"....

On a more transcendent level, throughout Jay's ordeal, and your own trials throughout it, I have found comfort in the words of Julian of Norwich, who wrote, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." She drank from a deep well of optimism, in the sure knowledge that "for in man is God, and God is all."


Anonymous said...

So happy for his big strides this weekend! Let's keep it coming. We're still praying and sending lots of loving thoughts your way.

Lisa Carpenter

Becky said...

Praying for the belly

Anonymous said...

All of us at Caswell this morning were praying for you entire family. I am so glad to hear Jay is making progress. We will continue to pray!
Wendy S.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that Jay is making progress this weekend. And hey, at least he's pooping! ;-) It's like the 3 little bears with the porridge that was too hot, too cold and then just right... Let's hope Jay's digestive system is finding that "just right" balance. Meanwhile, I will add those poor nurses who have to change the bedding into my prayers too! I know my mom was very excited to see her favorite grand-nephews and is sad to be going home. Wish I could have been there too.

PS I'm sure when Jay is in high school and learns about all these conversations about his poo schedule, he is going to be horrified! ;-)

Anonymous said...

We made it home after a wonderful visit with my little buddy, his charming little bro'...and, oh yeah, his fabulous parents and grandparents!! He looks wonderful to me - I know he has a ways to go but what great strides he has made!! Go Jay - keep up the good work!! I love you, buddy (you too J, D, L and baby L!!) Miss you already....AJ

Anonymous said...

You would have loved the Apple Festival in Hendersonville we experienced this past weekend. The apple orchards were full, and the crop is sweet and bursting with wonderful juices!

PS: No great meatloaf recipes! Just Ann Landers' version, but it works!

B Huggins